Best Field Hockey Gifts for your Beloved Player!

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

Cheap or Expensive Gifts?

Everyone is looking forward to gifts and we all love to cheer and support our favorite player something amazing. For fans of the sport or families with a player – a meaningful gift can go a long way! However, among all these various products its not easy to choose the right present!


We are always in doubt whether it is better this or that. Should we buy an expensive or cheap present? What is more important the value or attention? In any case, your choice will depend on to whom you give it and how much money you want to spend on it. Sometimes a small present is more valuable than an expensive one. And sometimes you want to impress your dear ones with some precious gift. So, the choice depends on you.

Choosing an appropriate gift is true art. However, the joy of the person who receives the present is certainly the greatest reward for our efforts.

Best Field Hockey Gifts for Men and Women

In the sea of various products is not easy to choose the right one. Here are our suggestions for what might make your day!

1. General Hand Grip Strengthener

For those who play field hockey, strong arms and sturdy wrists are of great importance. An easy way to increase the resistance and strength of it is the use of these Strengtheners. Every athlete will appreciate everything that will preserve his health. Whether he recovers from injury or wants to protect itself from arthritis, tendinitis and other bone diseases or injuries, this simple and nice gift will mean a lot to him or her.

Elegant in design with different colors and indentations for the fingers allow a pleasant and safe use of these trainers. With three resistances, from 20 lb to 50 lbs, this gift is suitable for each age and gender since each piece is light, soft, and flexible, and can fit inside a pocket. Anyone will adore this small but very useful strengthener as you will be able to carry and use them everywhere and always – at work, while working out, watching television, or while people talk to you.


2. Massage Therapy Ball Set with eBook Guide

Another valuable and useful gift is a  this massage set. It has 3 different balls for a massage of all muscles group of the body. One ball is soft, one is firm and one is hard. Not only that relaxing a body, but these beautifully designed balls can be used for acupressure, deep tissue massage, reflexology, and reducing the pain from inflammation of the muscles. They are made of non-toxic rubber, which can be washed and are very durable. In the package is a little bag, so that anyone can carry them everywhere. How convenient, isn’t it? And this is not all. In addition, the set has an awesome eBook Guide for usage.


3. 32 oz. Infuser Water Bottle

Every athlete needs to drink plenty of water and will certainly look forward to it if they get a new infuser water bottle. The full-length rod makes it possible to drink the water to the last drop, while being build out of Tritan material (FDA approved). The way the bottle is built, it will maintain high water quality and is expected to last a few years. It can be used for water, tea, or fruit drinks. The water bottle  also comes with a recipe eBook with over twenty of the best combinations of healthy beverages. What athlete wouldn’t like it?

4. Fitness Gym Towel for Sports

Another great present could be this specialized towel. Made of high-quality microfiber material and reinforced with a silky white border, this soft, lightweight and flexible towel is quick at absorbing sweat.  This is a perfect use for players in this sport after spending an entire game outside in the heat. This magnificent towel is very stretchable, does not retain odor,  and contains no washing labels that would rub the neck and weighs only 5.3 oz. Stretches perfectly between 44″ x 16.5″ and can be also used in the gym. The neutral gray color is suitable for both men and women. Its a very beautiful and useful present for any athlete!


5. A&R Sports Assorted Stick Handling Balls

This set of three stick handling balls for training purposes can be a great gift too. They are different in weight, purpose, and color. The white lighting ball can increase hand speed as its small at 3 oz./44 mm. The medium sized blue skill ball of 6 oz./55 mm helps to exercise a hitting simulations. The biggest red power ball is built to train wrist strength with the size and weight of 10 oz./41 mm. With this set of balls, the player can fully enjoy in practicing the sport in any environment. With the proper stick and shoes for the game, you can use these balls to train your game to the next level.


6. Field Hockey Tshirt Short Sleeve

A different type of present is any kind of clothing in the piece. The unique slogan on this one is perfect for the right player! Most players love themselves the right apparel. This beautiful 100% cotton jersey t-shirt with double-needle seamless collar is a comfortable fit for many people. It is available in different colors, so you can choose a favorite color for your loved player. With a charming sign, she (this one is for a girl) will wear it with pride.


7. Harrow Elite Backpack

All players will have different sets of gear to carry which makes this present perfect! The beautiful design in the blue metallic color with the black grid will appeal to both genders. The backpack has two holders for sticks and as well as a slot for the water bottle. It is made of strong 600 denier material that is resistant and durable. Inside the backpack, there are three compartments with zippers that can fit your shin guards, shoes, gloves, and other gear. The turtle embroidered on the front gives it a special charm and perfect for a player already using Harrow’s other gear!


8. Crystal Field Hockey Stick with Ball

This present is more for the ladies of the sport, but buying this necklace could be used for the holidays. The wearer of this necklace will a symbol of their favorite sport every time when they look at the centerpiece. The necklace is designed for the sports enthusiast and the perfect small gift on a special occasion like winning your league tournament.


The Presents do (not) be unique

It is always better if the gift is unique, but it is not necessary. Sometimes it is difficult to find such a present, so let your imagination run wild. Each gift is special for themselves and evokes memories on the person who gave it. So, even though you do not have an original idea, it does not matter. The attention is more important. The person who receives your gift certainly would appreciate your efforts.


What makes a good gift?

That really just depends on the preferences and needs of the receiver.  But if you give him a hockey stick, that’s another story. The more the gift is functional, the better. Every time he or she uses a helmet or stick will remember you. Therefore, choose a gift that is beautiful, functional, and appropriate for that person. This will increase its value, as well as the joy of loved ones whom you give it.

As we said at the beginning – to choose the right present is an art worth the effort.