The Best Field Hockey Bags & Backpacks for Sale

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Once you’ve bought your cleats, mouth guard, gloves, shin guards, field-hockey-bags-buying-guideand goggles, you’ll no doubt be looking for some place safe to keep everything! Luckily, there are tons of great bags out there, and this equipment can be a lot simpler to buy than other gear. Still, with so many different styles and sizes of containers, there are bound to be questions as to which carrying would be right for you, and Field Hockey Review is here to help you figure that out!

Qualities to Look for in Bags

When looking for a bag, the first question you have to ask yourself is how large do you want it to be? Do you want it to hold just your stick, or just your equipment? Do you want it to hold both? Once you know that, you can begin to narrow down your search to only stick bags, or other criteria. Another thing to look for with equipment containers is waterproofing, which can come in handy to protect your phone or clothes during rainy games. When it comes to picking out a the right backpack it all comes down to preference. Some people prefer drawstring to zippered bags, and some people prefer backpacks to sling or shoulder bags.

Team and Custom Duffel Bags

Typically, your bag doesn’t have to match your teammates’ colors/styles but if it does, your coaches will let you know and probably provide you with a place to order from. If you do need a matching bag, oftentimes you can get it embroidered with your number so that you can tell which gear belongs to who. Even if you don’t HAVE to have a matching backpack, it can be fun for teams decide that they want to all have the same designs on their own! You can shop for the equipment containers as a team, and decide on one that fits everyone’s needs. If your team doesn’t do matching backpacks, you can pick one yourself that is exactly what you need! That way it will be easily identifiable and you can tell your bag apart from everyone else’s! Custom colors are also encouraged for this piece of equipment!

Storing All Your Field Hockey Gear

These backpacks are designed to hold all of your equipment, whether you’re a player or a goalie. Players will want to be able to keep their cleats, shin guards, mouth guard and water bottle in their bag at least. Depending on the size, type, and shape of the bag, players will be able to fit more or less necessary things in their bag like pre-wrap, a pinny, a ball or two, and anything else that they may need. Goalie gear will require a much larger bag than player gear because there is so much more equipment, and the pads are much larger than any protection players wear. It’s especially important to look at the dimensions of goalie backpacks to make sure that your helmet and goalie kit will all fit securely into the available space!

Now that you hopefully have a clearer idea of what type of equipment container you need and are looking for, take a look at our list of the best bags in 2018! These cool pieces are all available online for the best clearance price on Amazon.

The Best Field Hockey Bags for Sale 2022

Here are the pieces we thought would be the best investment for players of all experience and skill levels! Take a look to find the one that’s right for you!

Price: $
Size: Unisex, one size fits all

1. STX Prime Stick BagSTX Prime Stick Bag

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This knapsack has the length to fit your stick, while its tube shape provides enough room to store and carry shoes and other protective gear without crowding your stick. The strap for this bag is positioned in the center, which allows for it to be carried over the shoulder or a sling carry option. The outside mesh pocket can be used to carry water bottles or shoes (if you don’t want your dirty cleats smelling up the rest of your bag).

TK Trilium T2 Stick Bag2. TK Trilium T2 Stick Bag

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The TK Trilium T2 is a stick backpack, which means it is large enough to fit your stick while still being able to be conveniently worn like a backpack! This piece is both durable and practical, and is made with TK’s anti-abrasion base fabric and water repellent shell body fabric. It has three pockets: one for your stick, a deep front pocket, and a side mesh pocket.

3. Grays Performa Stick BagGrays Performa Stick Bag

Check out the Grays Performa on Amazon

This backpack made by Grays features a two pocket design, one larger pocket that can hold up to three or four sticks (perfect for siblings or coaches who carry multiple pieces as backups) and a smaller external pocket to hold smaller items like tape and mouth guards. This bag has one of the slimmest designs, which makes it perfect for fitting into lockers, closets, or other tight spaces.

TK Field Hockey Backpack4. TK Backpack

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Like the other TK bags that we have recommended, this gear from TK features anti-abrasion base fabric and water repellent shell body fabric as well as the same level of comfort and convenience. This backpack has plenty of room for any equipment you could possibly need, and the size makes the bag less awkward to carry than larger, longer containers can sometimes be. Although the TK backpack doesn’t have a pocket for your stick, there is a tube on the side for you to slide your stick into, still allowing you to carry your stick hands free!

5. Grays G600 BagGrays G600 Field Hockey Bag

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Another excellent option for around medium pricing for a complete stick backpack that will carry your gloves, shin guards, and other gear is the Grays G600. This is a medium sized bag, making it an excellent bag to transport and move. Comes with two large storage compartments with zippers. Also comes with a padded compartment for your stick to go in. Has a single arm strap which is adjustable!

grays-best-field-hockey-bag-gx70006. Grays GX 7000 Bag

Check Out Grays GX 7000 at Amazon

Grays has produced a bag designed to maximize storage space for players of all levels. This piece has two large storage compartments, as well as a smaller pocket for valuables and a drawstring pouch perfect for holding a water bottle. Inside the available room, there is space for up to four field hockey sticks with padding to keep them from becoming damaged. The single adjustable strap also makes carrying this bag a breeze!

7. TK 5 Goalie BagTK 5 Goalie Bag

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For goalies, the most popular style of equipment container is a backpack able to hold all pieces of a equipment for a goal keeper. This piece by TK is constructed with strong nylon, as well as protective railings on the underside of the bag to prevent scraping while dragging around on wheels. In addition to the spacious center compartment, there are two other outside pockets on each end of the container, and a telescopic handle to aid in transporting.

STX Field Hockey Ball BagSTX Field Hockey Ball Bag

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Keep all of your balls together and secure with this heavy-duty bucket-style ball bag. Built to hold over 70 balls with a study zipper to keep the balls where you want them. Convenience at an affordable price. Great for coaches or players who need to carry a lot of balls for practicing or gametime situations.

Other brands that are not mentioned, but still provide quality bags and equipment, are Adidas, UnderArmour, Dita, and Nike. If the bags listed by the us weren’t exactly what you were looking for, be sure to check out what these brands have to offer!