Best Field Hockey Sticks for Intermediate Players

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In a world full of distress and life threatening events and even persons, a super hero has got his work cut out. He cannot afford to give his trust all so easily. He is forced to hide his identity from everyone else and at times even live in seclusion from the world. But in all the chaos, most super heroes have with them sidekicks, their best friends whom they trust even with their lives.

Well, hockey is not all that serious, but for a hockey player who takes his sport seriously, the hockey stick is his biggest asset. Think of it as a sidekick, or side STICK if you like. The point is, it is very important and you cannot afford to go wrong in purchasing your stick.

It’s quite a daunting task to land the best hockey stick with manufacturing companies introducing a couple of hundred new sticks with varying tech every couple of months. The good news however, is that it is not an impossible task. We have made it even easier with the below intermediate hockey stick guide.



What makes an intermediate player?

Simply put, intermediate players are classified according to their age (for the most part), strength and/or gender. Ideally, an intermediate hockey player should be aged between 10-14 years and should be strong enough to handle a stick with a flex range of 60-70 with great ease.

Most adult women are classified under intermediate.

Characteristics of an intermediate stick

The characteristics of an intermediate stick are in line with what makes an intermediate player only with a few additions of the shaft size, weight, length and height.

An ideal intermediate stick features a flex range of 60-70, weight range of 92-140lbs, height of between 4’11” and 5’8” and a length range of 55”– 58”.

Different types of sticks for intermediates

Hockey sticks vary greatly depending on several factors including the blade pattern and finish. However, there are two broad classifications that have come to be generally accepted – Composite and wooden hockey sticks.

It goes without saying that wooden hockey sticks are by far the cheapest type the market has to offer. They are stiffer, heavier and break easy.

Composite sticks on the other hand are the preferred type by NHL players. They can be classified further depending on whether they are One-Piece or Two-Piece sticks. One-Piece sticks are solid and consistent. They are usually lighter than Two-Piece sticks though Two-Piece sticks have the added advantage of being easy to customize. A player can match the best shaft and blade as they please.

Expect costs for intermediate sticks to between 40-120$.

Top 5 intermediate hockey stick review

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s look at some of the top ideal intermediate hockey sticks available.

Grays GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Grays GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

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This is one of the best hockey sticks in the game. It makes a best companion for intermediate players. It is made from a perfect blend of carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass at 20%, 20% and 60% respectively. This combination makes it light weight and durable featuring great power. The fiberglass provides the stick with a better ball control and absorbs most of the shock. Though its flex is stiff, it is perfect for an intermediate player.

With this product, you benefit from a great design, superior maneuverability, shock absorption and balance, all of which plays a key role to an intermediate’s performance on ice.


TK Trilium 4 Composite Field Hockey Stick

TK Trilium 4 Composite Field Hockey Stick

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From a company that has earned its place in the market, you can rest assured that this stick will deliver and even surpass your expectations in terms of durability and quality. Many top level hockey players love it, and for good reasons.

Made from a combination of aramid, fiberglass and carbon in 10%, 70% and 20%, it feels great in the hand and performs even better. While in hand, it will help you to remain at the top of your game. You will be maneuvering in ways you never deemed possible. That’s how great it is. It features a carbon late bow profile that enhances the said performance. At 25mm, it is better than what many hockey sticks offer.

Weighted at 550 grams, it will not weigh you down. Also at this weight, the strength and weight ratio is unmatched.


Adidas LX24 Compo 6 Adidas Field Hockey Stick

Adidas LX24 Compo 6 Adidas Field Hockey Stick

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As an intermediate player, you are looking for a stick that will support your dribbling skills, helping you be better at what you do. Ball control is as such an important feature when choosing a hockey stick. And while many products in the market cannot promise you this, you can find refuge in the Adidas LX24 Compo 6 hockey stick.

Made from a combination of carbon, fiberglass and other quality material, you can rest easy knowing that its longevity is intact. Add to this the fact that it features reinforced impact zones for trapping and hitting and you have yourself a winner stick. It weighs 553 grams, a point box measuring 250mm and a J hook.

Clearly, it provides you with value for your money.


STX Field Hockey Stallion 300 Stick

STX Field Hockey Stallion 300 Stick

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Ask players who have gotten to play in international hockey games and you will notice that many of them have one thing in common – they used the STX hockey stick at some point in their growth in the game.

The STX Stallion 300 is designed to endure dynamic play. The technology used in its creation and design provides it with superior agility and great power. But what else can one expect from a stick made from a combination of carbon, fiberglass and Aramid?

With its slightly thinner head, it provides a mid-fielder with great control. Its accuracy is on point with its perfectly wide sweet spot. You will be a force to reckon with playing with this stick.

It measures 565g making it lightweight. You will be able to move easily beating opponents in the field.

Grays GX2000 Superlite

Grays GX2000 SuperliteBuy Grays GX2000 Superlite Stick!

If you are looking for a light hockey stick, this is the most ideal for you. It is highly endorsed since it provides players with a faster swing that packs great power. How does it achieve this? Here is how.

It is created from fiberglass, aramid and carbon. This combination allows it to be light, strong and flexible enough to deliver a killer strike. Add to this the fact that it is designed with a thin handle for extra grip and you are good to go.

It is a standard bow type measuring 20mm. For its grip, it features Duo Hi-soft and weighs 538 grams. Its balance point is at 33.5cm which is just perfect for an intermediate player.


Hopefully this guide has shed light on an otherwise dark path. Take your time choosing the best equipment to stay on top of your game. And remember practice always makes perfect. Even with a great stick, you still have to put in the work. Make sure to stay protected with the right eye protection!