adidas-field-hockey-sticks-buying-guide-reviewsThere is not a pitch in the world where you will not see the distinctive 3 stripes on a stick or a pair of shoes, Adidas field hockey sticks are a newcomer in the market, but have hit it hard in recent years.

As a company, Adidas began making sports equipment for soccer over 90 years ago in 1924, however they entered the hockey market very recently in comparison to others in the market. They came onto the scene quickly and powerfully, making a name for themselves in the market by supporting some of the best players in the world, including Tom Boon and Barry Middleton. Furthermore they supported massive names on the club circuit, like Reading Hockey Club in England and the German national team.

The Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks Reviews

Adidas totally came out of nowhere in the field hockey sticks marketplace. Adidas field hockey sticks models can be classified into just a few, with cheaper price points within each model. You’ll find the Adidas LX24, Adidas V24, Adidas W24, and the Adidas DF24 in Compo 1, Compo 3, Compo 6.

adidas-x24-compo-stick-2015Adidas LX24 Compo 6 Hockey Stick

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The Adidas LX24 Compo 1 is one of the most exciting adidas field hockey sticks currently available in the hockey market. The LX24 hockey is one of many of the carbon fiber sticks from Adidas Compo 1, 3, 5 and 7 line. stick provides the ability to bring your flair to the pitch, as well as boosting your general hockey game. This kind of performance is expected from the market leader for Adidas hockey sticks, and this stick does not disappoint. The stick is a must for any forward who is looking to embarrass their opposite number, or be top scorer in the league!

Adidas DF24 Compo 1 Field Hockey Stick



Adidas DF24 Compo 1 Field Hockey Stick

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Out of every stick made by Adidas, this is our favourite. As like many companies in the hockey marker, Adidas too has made a stick just for the drag flicker. However, the DF24 is a beauty of a stick, it provides weightlessness, precision and pure effortlessness into your game, making it a must for many on the pitch. It’s dual rod system helps provide a softness to its 75% carbon make up, along with its sharp edges making trapping brilliant. Slapping is brilliant, accurate and smooth. Hitting is good, not as powerful as other drag flicking Adidas field hockey sticks we have used but it does the job. Despite its tag of being a stick for forwards- we believe that it would be great for many players on the pitch, backs who like to sling it around the pitch, or midfielders looking to spray the ball across the pitch. But, saying this, it is an Adidas field hockey stick for drag flickers and it wouldn’t be a great buy for someone who doesn’t do so.


best-adidas-lx24-field-hockey-stickAdidas LX24 Compo 2 Field Hockey Stick

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The LX24 is an all round stick that ticks all the boxes for a modern day hockey stick. It’s aggressive, providing great power and flicking ability. Flicking is brilliant, without having such a severe bow that makes it more of a drag flickers Adidas hockey stick. Shooting takes some time to adjust due to the bow making shots shoot up. But without good technique on the Adidas LX24 the shots fly in every direction. Reverse hitting is one negative I found, with it not having the power that other stick possess with reverse hitting. Despite this, it is another great Adidas field hockey sticks, blending a range of top quality aspects of a modern day stick to suit the modern day player.




Adidas V24 Compo 1 Field Hockey Stick

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The Adidas V24 is a perfectly balanced stick made with the creative playmaker in mind. It blends a mid bow, with 70% carbon to give it that little bit extra power. It’s weightlessness makes passing very crisp and smooth. Dribbling and control of the ball is where this Adidas field hockey sticks comes into its element- it provides a soft feel on the ball and the Touch Compound gives it that little bit extra feel on the ball. Shooting is good, not the best aspect of the stick, but it does the job. The Adidas V24 stick is perfect for any player on the pitch, however would be best suited for a midfielder who looks to control the game.


adidas-w25-compo-1-stick-35-36-inchAdidas W24 Field Hockey Stick

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The Adidas W24 is the Adidas field hockey sticks designed with the female player in mind. This Adidas field hockey sticks lower carbon content and fiberglass combination makes it a great stick for any player, giving it a lightweight feel. It’s colour scheme is striking but sophisticated, looking great when the stick is on the ball. As like other Adidas field hockey sticks, it has a great feel on the ball, with trapping at short corners great on this stick. But shooting is something that takes some time to get used to as every time you hit the ball, you need to hit it perfectly in order to get it on target. Despite this it would be a great Adidas field hockey sticks for any player, man or woman, who wants to look sharp on the pitch.

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The Best Adidas Sticks For Sale! HockeySticksThere is not a pitch in the world where you will not see the distinctive 3 stripes on a stick or a pair of shoes, Adidas field hockey sticks are a newcomer in the market, but have hit it hard in recent years. As a company, Adidas began making sports...Best place for field hockey gear reviews!