The Best Grays Field Hockey Sticks Today

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

best-grays-field-hockey-sticksGrays field hockey sticks are consistently some of the best in class. A historic brand in field hockey, being a player in the market for 160 years and being on the forefront in the hockey world still today, few top Grays.

Grays was formed in 1855 by H.J Gray, a world rackets champion. It formed the beginning of a company that is a world renowned in the sports world, particularly in cricket and hockey. In 1941 Grays purchased a new factory in order to revolutionize the field hockey market and create the reputation they now have. Their innovative nature continued, with their expansion into Pakistan led to the increased popularity of the shorter headed Grays field hockey sticks that we now use today.

Their popularity in Asia heightened, so much so that when Grays Pakistan entered the Pakistan stock market, they quickly became one of the biggest companies in Pakistan. Grays field hockey’s innovative nature is what sets them apart from many companies, bringing composite materials into sticks to form the sticks we have today. Their revolutionary moves in the hockey market range from angled stick heads to the creation of the skort! Their sticks are seen on field hockey pitches across the world, from junior pitches on a cold Sunday morning to the Smurf turf pitches of the international stage-Grays field hockey sticks are one of the most prestigious sticks on the market and their entire brand definitely reflects this. Especially in America and the USA you’ll see Grays hockey sticks!

The Top 5 Grays Field Hockey Sticks for Sale

Grays field hockey sticks review offer a vast range providing every standard of field hockey player an opportunity to use their fantastic equipment indoor or outdoors. Whether for kids sizing or for cheap, you’ll find exactly the stick you need! Their tops sticks for years have been the Grays GX and Nano lines; Grays GX1000, GX7000, GX5000, GX4000, GX750, GX6000, and their Grays Nano 4, Nano 5, Nano 7, and Nano 10!

grays-gx-1000-field-hockey-stickGrays GX1000 Hockey Stick

Buy The Grays GX1000 Today!

Of all the Grays field hockey sticks out there, we strong recommend the Grays GX1000 for any beginner or intermediate player. Not only is the price (around $80) super reasonable, but it’s a very durable Grays field hockey stick. The fully integrated fiberglass composite shell combines Carbon and Aramid as well for a balanced feel. The IFA absorption makes sure the ball doesn’t rattle the stick in your hands too much. Pick this one up today!

grays-kinetic-prow-bow-hockey-stickGrays Kinetic Prowbow Field Hockey Stick

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The Grays Kinetic Prowbow is the latest stick in the evolutionary range of sticks on offer. The Kinetic Prowbow offers a hi-tech internal structure which enhances every aspect of the stick. Geocentric Core Technology features the introduction of a new hi-tech internal construction process using polyurethane foam as a structural core within the handle, blade and stick-head. The new Geocentric Core internal foam construction combines with twin tube carbon fibre matrix top layer to create a highly stable and durable stick that is the ultimate in feel and response as well as exceptional energy transfer when hitting. The added aspects are definitely felt when using this Grays field hockey sticks, with hitting becoming effortless and stopping and controlling the ball being easy as pie due to the set up. Flicking is one thing that lacked in this stick, with the added weight and higher balance point making it slightly more difficult. However this stick is perfect for any player, but in our opinion it would be best suited for a defender or midfielder.


Grays GR11000 Probow Field Hockey Stick

Buy The Grays ProBow on Amazon

The GR1100 Probow is one of the stand out Grays field hockey sticks currently on the market. It provides a stick for the modern day player, boasting one of the lowest bows available, without scrimping on power and bulk that often low bow sticks do. This stick flicks like a dream- not the lightest stick, but not the heaviest, providing a nice balance point for any flicker as well as some meat for hitting and tackling. Dribbling was one thing that was different about this Grays field hockey stick. It took some time to get used to as unlike other low bow sticks, the head is bulky, providing little twist on the ground. This made dragging the ball from one side to another very fast and smooth. The sweetspot on this stick is huge, making slapping very effortless and often very powerful. This is also felt when hitting the ball on the reverse side, making goalkeepers look silly due to the speed and accuracy that can be produced with help of this stick.Despite this hitting is something that needs getting used to, it requires much more control than other sticks, and those that “hit and hope” may find this stick very inconsistent when hitting. Overall this is one of our favourite Grays field hockey sticks, providing an ultimate stick for any player on the pitch.

grays-nano-10-hockey-stickGrays Nano 10 Elite Field Hockey Stick

Get The Grays Nano 10 on Amazon

The Grays Nano 10 is another innovative stick by Grays that provides great power to the player, making it great for an attacker or defender. The Nano 10s internal structure gives it the added hitting ability for the player. The carbon fibres that line this Grays field hockey stick are reinforced with a resin that strengthens the matrix of carbon fibers. This helps make the stick easy to control with, due to the stick being able to absorb the impact. This in turn makes controlling and dribbling the ball very easy, with help to the IFA surface on the head of the stick. In addition to the added technology, the Nano 10 has a Jumbow curve, making drag flicking very easy, with help of the slinging action that it creates. As well as the low bow it also has a maxi head, that makes 3-D skills a breeze and helping create the slinging motion for this Grays field hockey stick.


Grays GX8000 Scoop Xtra Dynabow

Buy The Grays GX8000 from Amazon

The Scoop Xtra is a very different stick that is offered by Grays, but it’s not lacking the technology that it’s other sticks also boast. The Scoop Xtra is another Grays field hockey stick that is perfect for the modern day player, with is head being very deep in relation to the face of the stick, creating the whipping motion required for a drag flicker. This Grays field hockey stick is great for dribbling, especially 3-D skills, with the head angle allowing you to easily get under the ball, perfect for the close situations when a player is required to lift the ball of the stick of a defender. This also has great hitting capability due to the Tri-Tec weave that gives the stick extra power.