The Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks Reviews of 2022

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Best Adidas Field Hockey Sticks Reviews of 2018One of the top leading and iconic sportswear brands on the market is Adidas. The instantly recognizable logo of three stripes can be found worldwide on anything from shoes, accessories such as watches and backpacks, and even sports equipment. In recent years, Adidas has released top-of-the-line field hockey sticks and other field hockey equipment to their arsenal of products, upgrading them each year to mold to player’s needs.

Just like all the field hockey equipment, the 2022 Adidas hockey stick range includes several different models. The models include Adidas DF24, Adidas LX24, Adidas FLX24, Adidas TX24, Adidas FTX24, and Adidas V24 in Compo 1, Compo 2, Compo 3, Compo 4, Compo 5, and Compo 6. Each model has a low and high price point for their hockey sticks. The amount of carbon fiber used decreases with each composite field hockey stick for a softer shaft and feel, appealing to any player and position.

1. Adidas FLX24 Compo 6 Field Hockey Stick


The Adidas FLX24 Compo 6 is an affordable option for the go-getting field hockey player on a budget. This hockey stick is made up of 95% glass fiber, making the hockey lightweight yet durable and strong. The reinforced areas of impact will enhance play and will give offensive midfielders more capability. A player knows that a great hockey stick will boost confidence and this is the stick that does just that.

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2. Adidas LX24 Compo 3 Field Hockey Stick

The LX24 Compo 3 hockey stick packs a punch! The stick is made out of 50% carbon fiber and 45% fiberglass. The player can expect precise passing and excellent ball control for dribbling with the stick. The grip uses polyurethane with a Chamois-like feel for added comfort and control. This stick is ideal for drag flicking and is not too lightweight or too heavy, making it easy to maneuver for seasoned hockey players.

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3. Adidas V24 Carbon Field Hockey Stick

This higher-end hockey stick means more bang for your buck. The stick is made out of 70% carbon and 25% glass fiber. The higher carbon count provides the player with an increase in power and harder hits. The stick is moderate in weight, not too heavy and not lightweight, making it perfect for intermediate players. The dual rod system absorbs shock and also gives more power! This stick is ideal for playmakers and is fantastic for dribbling, passing, and pushing.

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4. Adidas LX Compo 1 Stick

The LX compo 1 carbon stick is top-of-the-line and belongs to a powerful line of carbon fiber hockey sticks. The 3D head shape provides excellent power and increases the player’s ability to control the ball. Made with carbon plate stiffening technology, this stick allows for greater bonding and combined stiffness. The stick is made up of 90% carbon fiber, allowing the player to have harder hits. The touch compound technology that makes up this peiece allows for better hook-to-ball contact. It also has an increased bow shape due to the oval end cap. Drag flicking is enhanced through the DF grooves on the stick through precise movements and increased ball acceleration. This stick is best suited for experienced players who know how to maneuver and maintain a heavier hockey stick.

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5. Adidas TX24 Compo 2 Stick

The TX24 Compo 2 stick is a surefire way to get the most out of a hockey stick. Built with a dual rod system for shock absorption and increased power, the stick is a fantastic choice for several positions on the field, but it is made specifically for forward players. The stick is equipped with an oval end cap that results in an exceptional bow shape. This allows for extreme precision, heightened ball acceleration, and accurate slapping. All of these attributes make the stick the most ideal for drag flicking. It is made out of 70% carbon fiber and 25% fiberglass with touch compound support.

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6. Adidas FLX24 Compo 1 Hockey Stick

The FLX24 Compo 1 stick is another high-performance stick that doesn’t cost too much money. Made up of 15% carbon fiber and 80%, the lightweight composite field hockey stick has a high-end feel to it and is ideal for those still honing their skills. The high impact areas are reinforced for ultimate durability and power. The rigid end cap results in better control and the polyethylene grip tape aids in this as well. This stick is made with the female player in mind and showcases a new women’s graphic.

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7. Adidas TX Compo 1 Stick

The TX carbon stick is an elite-level stick for the most experienced players. The 3D head shape provides the player with a lot of power and better ball control. Like the DF24, the TX includes carbon plate stiffening technology that increases power. The stick is made up of 90% carbon fiber, giving the player strong hits. The touch compound technology allows for better hook-to-ball contact and also has polyethylene grip tape with a Chamois-like feel. This stick is for higher-level players with a lot of the skill needed to wield the TX24.

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8. Adidas FTX24 Compo 3 Field Hockey Stick

The FTX24 compo stick is another great example of a modern-day hockey stick. Like many of the higher-end sticks, the FTX24 has dual rod technology for shock absorption that will aid in increasing power. The stick is made up of 70% carbon fiber and 25% glass fiber. The FTX24 has provides the player with increased control with the use of touch compound technology. This stick is aimed towards female players with the use of a women’s graphic.

In conclusion, the line of sticks (especially compo) is a sturdy choice for most professional players. Always make sure to look at the length of the stick being offered on the website as the prices can drastically change depending on the size. There are 2 versions, a normal and super light version of these sticks, make sure to purchase the normal version if you are just starting out in the sport.

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9. Adidas Fabela 7

The Adidas Fabela 7 is a another great stick for field hockey. It is made out of fiberglass, so you will get a softer touch and more control. One of the great features of the Adidas sticks, is the pure control head shape, that will help you to have even better control of the ball. And of course, as it is fiberglass-made, it is lightweight (0.56kg), so the stick is a perfect fit for the intermediate players. 3D geometry and a trapezoid shape adds stiffness to this model and ensures the accuracy and power. The size of the stick is 37.5SL.

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