The Best Indoor Field Hockey Sticks for Sale

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Comparison Table

Name of ItemRecommended forMaterial of the StickYouth, Advance, ElitePrice
Grays Hype JuniorBeginner, IndoorFiberglass Reinforced Mulberry WoodYouth$$
STX IX 401Women, Indoor100% fiberglassAdvance, Elite$$
Grays GX2000

Advanced, Competitive, Outdoor50% Fiberglass, 35% Carbon, 15% Aramid, Traction Duo Hi-Soft gripAdvance, Elite$$
Harrow Kingston 220 Indoor, IntermediateWooden core with composite reinforcementsAdvance, Elite$$
Grays GX2000 Indoor StickBeginner, IndoorWood composite Hybrid Technology, Glass Fibre, New Ultrabow blade profile, Hybrid heel protectionYouth, Beginner$$
Mercian Evolution .6

Indoor, Intermediate7-ply wooden frame, fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar reinforcement,Youth, Beginner$$
TK Total 3.5 InnovateIndoor, Intermediate30% Carbon 10% Aramid 60% Glassfibre, Advanced Matrix Construction, Gloss finishYouth, Beginner$$
STX Surgeon IAdvanced, Beginner, ForwardCarbon 15% / Fiberglas 75% / Aramid 10%Beginner, Intermediate, Advance$$$

When the outdoor season ends, and the playing grounds are either frozen or too hot (depending on where you live), what else is there to do but move the game inside! Indoor game play takes the speed of outdoor play and turns it up another notch!

best-indoor-field-hockey-sticks-2016How Indoor Game Play is Different

  1. The playing field is smaller than the outdoor pitch.
  2. The sidelines are skirted by side-boards, which keeps the ball in play for longer.
  3. A team consists of 5 players on the pitch; 4 field players and 1 goalkeeper.
  4. The players may not hit the ball, but only push it or deflect it, and may not raise the ball unless shooting at goal.
  5. The balls and the sticks are similar, but players prefer lighter sticks than their outdoor counterparts.

This article will focus on the final point – indoor field hockey stick reviews. What are the best type of sticks, which stick is the best for you, and which brands make the best equipment for this type of play!

How to Choose the Best Stick for Sale

A major difference between an outdoor stick and an indoor stick is the weight – both are common in length, but an indoor stick is much thinner through the shaft and even the handle, and therefore is a lot lighter. Having such a light stick (and the ball is lighter, too) means that very fast dribbling and dragging is possible. There are no rules that forbid the use of outdoor sticks in the while playing inside, but you will quickly find that the bulkier trait of the outdoor equipment is clumsy to use with the smaller field and faster speeds, and an a more customized stick built for inside play should be at the top of your list of new toys!

Many of these pieces can be made from wood or fiberglass, but more experienced players should look to pure composite builds, which are constructed entirely of man-made materials, and tend to last a lot longer while providing outstanding power and precision touches. Like their outdoor cousins, this equipment also ranges a lot in terms of price, but even high-end equipment won’t last forever, unfortunately.

Listen Up:

If you have the means and availability, try to get your hands on a range of sticks to test their weight and movement to get the feel for which one is right for you; even if you are just lightly dribbling a ball at your local sports retailer or sports equipment store. Some players will like a lightweight piece for ultimate speed and touch, whereas others might be more inclined to take more solid material equipment for power and hard tackling.

Due to the fast pace and fluid movement of the game, each player on a team will be involved in attack and defense, so your choice of equipment will be based more on personal preference than its power-to-weight ratio or positional play.

The Best Indoor Field Hockey Sticks List

The following is a list of gear that might be of interest to junior, intermediate and advanced players and are priced around $30-$100. Read the reviews to see if it’s a good fit!

grays-hype-indoor-stick1. Grays Hype Junior Stick

Buy The Grays Hype Junior at Amazon

Grays equipment is very highly regarded all over the world. The Hype Junior is a great first piece for any player new to playing inside. They will immediately recognize the shift in weight, and the “maxi” style head (hook) shape is slightly elongated to provide better control as skills develop. A good price for a starter, but will wear down through continued use.

2. STX iX 401 Stick

Buy The STX IX 401 from Amazon

STX sticks are very well received due to their user-friendly components. The maxi-style head offers a larger “strike” zone to either push from or receive, but the stick also has a 22mm bow in it to give greater speed on flicks toward goal. Specifically designed for female players, the i-Comp is a great deal for a more advanced level player.


3. Grays Superlite GX2000 Composite Stickgrays-superlight-indoor-stick

Own The Grays GX2000 at Amazon

Made from carbon, aramid and a fibreglass matrix, the GX2000 is a great option for a more experienced player who is looking for a cheap but reliable stick with hitting power. The composite make-up will give the stick prolonged life in terms of the head being worn down by constant rubbing against the indoor surface, and also gives the user increased power with pushing.


4. Harrow Kingston 220

Get The Harrow Kingston 220 on Amazon

The Harrow Kingston 220 is a great piece of equipment that will last an intermediate player for several indoor seasons. It has great touch due to its wooden core, but without the heaviness, so dribbling and receiving is a breeze! Proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a great stick!



5. Grays GX2000 Indoor Stick

Buy The Grays GX2000 Indoor Stick on Amazon

Recommended for beginners or younger players, the Grays 400i is an ideal first stick due to its deisgn. Its super lightweight body and maxi head will encourage the player to develop their dribbling techniques, and the fibreglass and aramid combination provides a soft trap.



5. Mercian Evolution .6 Indoor Stick

Buy The Mercian .6 At Amazon

Who says that beginners can’t also look good? The Mercian 303i is an eye-catching starter piece that will provide a good, solid introduction to inside play. Made of fibreglass-reinforced wood, it is lightweight for dribbling, but solid enough to take some accidental stick-checks and keep on going for a first season.



6. TK Total 3.5 Innovate Indoor Stick

Buy the TK Total 3.5 Innovate On Amazon

TK are producers of wildly popular and high-performance field hockey gear, and the TK equipment are no exception. The Core C3 utilizes the latest blending of carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass to provide a powerful, durable and effective indoor hockey stick. It comes with a slightly higher price tag, but you will appreciate the extra money once you hit the field!


7. STX Surgeon I Indoor Stick

Buy The Surgeon I Indoor on Amazon

The STX Stallion is for a more advanced or expert player, as it has taken the specification limits and pushed them as far as they will go, including the maximum bow through its shaft, which allows for powerful drag flicks, but it will not detract from ball control in dribbling or passing. But what really separates the STX equipment from its competitors is the durability; each stick is reinforced with different composites which result in different lasting times. If power is your forte, this could be the right gear for you!

Final Thoughts On Indoor Sticks

There is a huge range of customized sticks to choose from – whether it’s the size, weight, brand, price, specifications or even just the color – have fun finding the perfect fit for you! Enjoy your games on the inside as well as the outside when you play.