Best Brine Field Hockey Sticks Reviews

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

brine-field-hockey-brandBrine field hockey sticks are the bomb. Brine field hockey is a superb sports manufacturer, producing a range of sporting equipment from the elite level all the way to the junior level. Their field hockey division is top quality, producing a specific range of sticks, each aimed for the different type of player on the field hockey pitch. Brine was founded in 1922 by W.H Brine, where they produced uniforms and sporting equipment for a number of private schools in Massachusetts.

Brine quickly entered the lacrosse market, a very monopolistic market at the time with only one producer, making equipment very expensive. They looked to make lacrosse equipment cheaper and easier to obtain. Brine did not begin manufacturing Brine field hockey gear until 2000, when they saw the spike in popularity of the sport at the collegiate level. This began their venture to produce top quality Brine field hockey sticks and create a name for themselves in the market like they had done in lacrosse. In the modern day they are a leading producer of top quality sporting equipment and we taken over by New Balance in 2006.

The Top Brine Field Hockey Sticks for Sale Today

Below you will find some of the most elite Brine field hockey sticks on the market today. You’ll notice a quality mix of youth sticks and advanced sticks for both boys and girls!

best-brine-field-hockey-stick-de-3Brine DE 3.0 Field Hockey Stick

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The striking design of the Brine DE 3.0 certainly matches its performance on the pitch. A great attacking Brine field hockey stick made with the drag flicker in mind. A low bow to enable the sling and a slight dip in the face of the stick makes flicking very nice and accurate. This stick is brilliant in every aspect, great slapping and hitting ability, with great power and accuracy. Flicking,as said earlier, is amazing, giving you great feel on the ball. Dribbling is also great, however I found the Brine DE 3 very head heavy, with the balance point much lower down the stick. This is something that comes down to preference, however we found that it did not hinder this Brine field hockey sticks performance one bit!

brine-crown-450-attacker-field-hockey-stickBrine Crown 450 Field Hockey Stick

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The Crown 450 is a midfielders dream, sleek and smooth giving great feel and touch on the ball. Of all the Brine field hockey sticks, the Crown 450 is lightweight and has a high balance point, bringing great flicking ability as well as making dribbling excellent. Dribbling is without a doubt the best feature of this stick, with a great feel on the ball due to its lower, but not exceedingly low carbon content. But the low weight is what makes it great, side to side movement on the ball is exceedingly smooth and quick, helping you get past that defender. Shooting and slapping are not the greatest with this Brine field hockey stick, but they do the job and with correct technique you can get some great power from the Brine Crown 450 on your shots.


Brine Diamond Field Hockey Stickbrine-diamond-field-hockey-stick

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This is the elite level Brine field hockey stick produced by a brine and it certainly does not disappoint. Its an all-round stick that provides all of the bases for a great hockey stick for the elite player. Shooting is superb, with power coming through the stick effortlessly when hitting the ball. Accuracy on this ball is also brilliant, with a great feel on the ball. This feel on the ball is also felt in dribbling. Superb ability to maneuver the ball both along the floor and in the air, thanks to the J-shape head. This is helped by the bundles of technology inside the stick to provide the best stick possible. We believe that the Brine Diamond could be the best of the Brine field hockey sticks, at a great price you are able to get a top-level stick which can suit every player, without breaking the bank.


brine-crown-100-field-hockey-stickBrine Crown 100 Field Hockey Stick

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The Crown 100 is a fantastic one of the Brine field hockey sticks and is for any player who wants a great entry level composite stick. The  Brine Crown 100 has a mid bow, giving some flicking ability but not compromising the basic skills, or making the player have to adapt to the stick. Like beginner sticks should have, it has brilliant feel on the ball, dribbling is great due to this. Amazing side to side movement of the ball is brilliant in one on one situations and helps develop the dribbling of the players. Hitting the ball is nice, not too powerful, but this is expected. It would be a great buy for anyone who wants an entry level Brine field hockey stick to develop their fundamental skills in order to become the best player they can be.


Brine Tabloid Field Hockey Sticktabloid-field-hockey-stick-by-brine

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The Brine Tabloid is an amazing middle of the park Brine field hockey stick that would be perfect for every type of player. It gives a great basis for any player that is looking to get the most out of other Brine field hockey sticks, without paying extortionate anoints of money. The Brine Tabloid stick looks great and plays great and would not be out of place in any players stick bag!



best-brine-field-hockey-sticksBrine Field Hockey Stick Bag

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Keep your new Brine field hockey stick clean, safe, and dry with this awesome field hockey bag. The moisture resistant liner will keep your stick in place, and totally dry. An outside mesh pocket is great for tossing your gloves, balls, or other field hockey accessories into. Strong, heavy-duty zippers ensure your stick is safe and sound. Scoop up this field hockey bag today!