Guide to the Best Field Hockey Goals & Nets for Sale

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sizing-of-field-hockey-goalsThe aim of the game is to score more goals than your opponent in order to win; this means you need some form of practice mechanism. You will find exactly that in this buying guide. We’ll give you reviews of the top brands (Bownet, Jaypro, Alumagoal, Harrod) and show you the cheapest place to buy them!

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Official Goal Size

How big a should this piece be you may ask? These specifications are used on the junior level, all the way to the international standard. The size of goal dimensions is the same all around the world:

  • 7 feet (2.14m) Height
  • 12 feet (3.66m) Width
  • 4 feet (1.20m) Depth

Practice Goals

Typically are easy to fold down, pack up, and move around your backyard or pitch. Some may come with wheels and a rebound board.

Official Goals

These are premier field hockey nets designed specifically for games. Typically composed of strong steel aluminum, are weighted, and come with goal wheels.

Indoor Goals

Indoor goals are a completely different size than official outdoor goals; 6’7″ Tall, 9’10” Wide, and 4′ Deep. Materials and durability tend to be the same though!

How to Choose The Right Goal/Nets to Buy (VIDEO)

Complete List of the Best Field Hockey Goals & Nets for Sale

Price: $$$
Materials: Steel, Aluminum, or Fiberglass

There are a wide variety of practice goals. They range from portable to more permanent steel ones. However, these practice pieces are expensive, ranging from $500 for cheap pieces, to even $3000 for the nicest goals. You need to ensure your purchase is for the long term. If you plan on playing sports from middle school to high school, these goals are definitely worth your time!

Foldable Bownet Field Hockey GoalFoldable Bownet

Buy The Foldable Bownet on Amazon

We absolutely love this pop up Bownet field hockey goal for any player who wants to easily collapse and build it in less than 10 minutes! No screw necessary, nor snaps, or even tools. All pieces fit together easily. Weighing in at only 38 pounds, the rigid fiberglass and steel construction is sturdy yet lightweight and transportable. Includes a carrying bag to go from your backyard to practice. The only downside is no rebound board included. Great for high school players!

Kwik Official GoalKwik Goal Practice Field Hockey Goal

Own The Kwik Official Today!

Constructed 100% of strong and sturdy aluminum, this Kwik practice goal is an awesome option! Designed with Kwik’s goal’s easy button assembly, you can easily collapse or build it up. Weighing in at 62 lbs, you can transport it from practice to practice. It comes with a 2.5mm black field hockey goal net and J anchors to easily fasten the net around the goalposts.


Alumagoal Practice Field Hockey GoalAlumagoal Practice

Check Out The Alumagoal Practice!

Steel constructed with 1.5″ tubing, this Alumagoal practice piece is perfect for both backyard or game use. Coming with a 3mm field hockey net that’s braided and made of polyethylene to withstand any shot. In addition, comes with 1.5″  net clips. Totally collapsible if you need it to be, fold up this post cage and move it form practice to game time. Four sandbags to weigh down the piece are included, but a back board is not!

Forza Junior Practice Goal

Buy The Forza Junior Goal at Amazon!

This official sized piece is another great option at a great price for its portabiliy. Made of galvanized steel in the frame, alongside aluminum cast corner fittings, this cage is durable and sturdy. Also lightweight, you can transport and fold it for easy packing and assembly. Comes stock with a black field hockey net 2.5mm made of polyethylene mesh. At just under $500, this is the cheapest piece you can probably buy and is great for any high school or college players!

Forza Official Goal

Check Out The Forza Official at Amazon

Used at the NCAA and premier international level, this Kwik official weighted goal is the most popular and the longest lasting. Completely movable with wheels on the back allows this Kwik piece be placed in various areas of the pitch with ease. Comprised of steel or other durable metal, this piece is heavy duty with reinforced welded corners. Please note the net is also different, with metal cross bars above the backboard parallel to the crossbars, to prevent the use of clips on the net and create more of a permanent fixture.

Replacement Nets, Rebounders, Wheels & Fasteners

replacement-field-hockey-goal-nettingChampion Replacement NetsChampion Replacement Field Hockey Nets

Get The Replacement Net from Amazon

It’s destined to happen. When players are shooting hard shots at your net, it’s bound to rip and tear along the seams. Well thankfully, Champion makes some replacement nets for cheap. At around $100, you can pickup a pair of nets. For this set of official nets, they are 2.5mm wide, and are braided 1.5″ square polyethylene netting. The pretty much fit all officially sized goals!

SSTX Training Field Hockey Rebound BoardTX Training Rebound Board

Buy The STX Rebound Board!

This rebounder board is used when on the turf and need to practice your passing and dribbling skills. Easily collapsible, you can use the carrying handles to move it form turf, grass, and indoor space. Made of a high density rebound foam, the rebounder returns the ball right back to your stick. Great for all goals training equipment, makes an excellent gift as well!


Goal Wheel KitField Hockey Goal Wheel Kit

Check Out The Wheel Kit

If you already own some practice goals but just want to add wheels to the bottom, this is your kit. Easy to install, you get a full set of 2 wheels to attach onto your hockey goal. The wheels are Reliance Turf Pro NO-FLAT tires and are heavy duty tough. In addition to the wheels set, you get bolts to easy attach them onto the rear bottom of the goal. Great option to easily roll and maneuver the goal around the pitch.


Kwik Goal Velcro Net Fasteners

Buy The Velcro Net Fasteners Today!

There is nothing more annoying than a net that won’t stay on and keeps falling down. This pack of Kwik velcro fasteners contains 30 clips to easily attach your netting. Fits any size post up to 3″ in diameter and stay in place. Please note you may need to buy 2 or 3 packs to fully attach a full sized net onto a premier goal.