Best Field Hockey Goalie Equipment Reviews Guide

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You just came across the best review guide in 2020 for choosing your next equipment as the protector of the goal! Here, you’ll find advice and reviews to the best goalie sticks, helmets, gloves, jerseys, pants, and other pads!

Here’s the thing:

Being the goalkeeper is tough work. It’s one of the most important positions in the game. So we put together this complete buying guide to help show you the best sticks, helmets, pants, and other gear to keep you protected come game-time!

In addition, we’ll be answering top questions about the gear in this position of the game. So raise your field hockey sticks, because this buying guide is for you goalies!

Here’s a quick informational video on gearing up the proper way…

The Best Field Hockey Goalie Equipment & Gear

Price: $200-$1000
Specs: Full complete Set

There is a lot of equipment needed to play the position. Below, we list the tips and tricks needed to get the best goalie gear out there and included links to the right place to purchase them. Throughout these gear reviews, we will feature top brand styles like STX Anchor, TK Synergy, and OBO Robo and Cloud!

STX Field Hockey Youth Goalie Set

Buy the STX Field Hockey Youth Goalie Set on Amazon!

STX is know for their field hockey offerings. So when you see a product from the company you know that they are of high quality. The set includes field hockey goalie gloves, kickers, and leg guards. The set is one-size and is meant for childs. While these are definitely necessary for a goalkeeper, you should also have to be sure that your core is protected. Check our list of the equipment review and choose the best goalie helmets, chest protectors, and other needed protections.

Slazenger Field Hockey Goalie Starter Kit

Complete Starter Package Set

Unfortunately, this is no longer available

We understand that goalkeeper gear can be very expensive and cost anywhere from $500 to even $1000 to outfit an entire goalkeeper….which leaves many players buying used equipment. Slazenger field hockey is one company that provides a full field hockey goalie set at a very cheap price and gives you the basics. It comes complete with everything except the helmet or sticks to make great gifts. In addition, Malik provides a full field hockey goalie kit package that does include the stick…just no helmet. These full goalkeeper package sets are an excellent value to get the gear you need for cheap!

Best Goalie Sticks

Typically, field hockey goalie sticks can be either indoor or outdoor. Either way, you want a light and lean stick to easily make those high saves. The stick length isn’t very important here. Checkout our goalie stick reviews below. If your looking for sticks in other positions check them out on our other guides.

Price: $$
Specs: Lightweight, kinked shaft, indoor stick works

STX Shield II Stick

Buy the STX Shield II Stick on Amazon!

The STX Shield II is one of the best goalkeeper sticks for youth, advanced and elite players. Made from 100% fiberglass, this STX field hockey goalie stick is super lightweight to help make those high shot saves you’ve been training for in practice. Bow isn’t very important with these type of sticks, as this one comes with standard 2mm bow length. The stick has toe shape that provides a bigger surface that gives you a better control of the sweep. Stick is a 35″  size, is unisex, and is perfect for anyone.

Grays GR 5000 Stick

Buy the Grays GR 5000 Goalie Field Hockey Stick on Amazon!

Looking at the Grays GR5000, this is also one of the best goalkeeper sticks of all time. Ideally, you want a longer hook length out of your stick, and the GR5000 delivers. This goalie stick is fully legal and follows all NFHS and NCAA rules. Super lightweight and the color you’re looking for, this is a perfect addition to your goalkeeper equipment list.

Best Goalie Helmets

Price: $$$
Specs: Higher prices equal more protection

Probably the most important feature of your new goalkeeper helmet is visibility. You need to easily see the ball on the field at all times. Also, you’ll want to make sure your cage is fully protective. You’ll find with pricing that’s higher, the more protective helmet and face mask you can get. Check out our equipment reviews below to find out the best field hockey goalkeeper helmet for you!

Franklin Sports Team Hockey Goalie Face

Buy the Franklin Sports Team Hockey Goalie Face Mask on Amazon!

This is one of the best field hockey masks for kids. Your kid is a big fan of one or another NHL team? Great news, you can choose a design from all of the NHL teams from the US and Canada! Talking about the helmet, it is created for a street hockey and is a perfect fit for playing it. The helmet is pretty comfortable as it has adjustable backplate that allows to adjust it accordingly to the players head. It is also very convenient to take it off as it has quick-snap elastic straps. When it comes to the level of protection, this field hockey goalie helmet has a chrome-welded steel cage that will protect the face from hits.

Mylec Ultra Pro II Mask

Buy the Mylec Ultra Pro II Mask on Amazon!

For players of all levels, this goalkeeper mask is the best out there. Composed of super durable plastic that is lightweight, you won’t even feel this on your head. The angular shape keeps the mask highly visible, especially when deflecting or rebounding shots. A fully adjustable back plate fits all head sizes. Additionally, the closed off cell foam liner gives you maximum comfort and protection.

OBO Robo PE Helmet

Buy the OBO Hockey Helmet on Amazon!

We recommend the OBO Robo field hockey goalie helmet as more expensive option. This is a full coverage helmet made of a lightweight, yet strong plastic to protect from high shots. You’ll love the vented shell cover to keep you cool and from overheating. This goalkeeper helmet comes in small and medium sizes. A chrome colored field hockey mask cage looks great during game time!


Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard

Buy the Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard on Amazon!

According to the FIH rules, goalkeeper neck and throat guards are completely mandatory at all ages, from juniors to intermediate players. This piece of padding is specially designed to protect your throat and neck area from high shots. You can buy a regular sized neck protector or a highly padded one. We recommend this Shock doctor neck protector with its foam padding, hard plastic interior, and adjustable straps on the back.


Top Goalie Chest Protectors

Price: $$$
Specs: Higher prices equal more padding

At all age levels, whether beginner or intermediate, you will need a chest guard. Most chest pads tend to cover your chest area, shoulders, stomach, abs, and sides. In addition, there are full body chest protectors that come with elbow guards and extend into the forearm area!

OBO CLOUD Full Body Chest Armour

Buy the OBO Cloud Body Armour on Amazon!

This OBO chest protector is truly one of a kind (looks like military armor). When wearing it, you’ll feel like Superman with the 38 pieces of foam used to construct this apparel. But don’t worry, you won’t sacrifice flexibility with this amount of protective armour. If you want to separate the chest guard and the goalie elbow pads, this is easily doable. The sizing for this come in youth or small, and an adult or medium size.

OBO Youth Yahoo Chest Protector

Buy the OBO Youth Yahoo Body Armour on Amazon!

Another fan favorite from OBO, this full sized goalkeeper equipment is perfect for youth players looking for full body protection. Designed with full comfort and protection in mind, these dense foam pads are designed to deflect and rebound balls while playing the goalie position, while keep your kids safe on the field. Meant to be worn right under your custom team jerseys.

Best Custom Jerseys

Check out These Jerseys on Amazon!

As a goalkeeper, your team jersey is an important piece of apparel to boost your swagger. By rocking a cool custom jersey, you are showing everyone on the field and in the stands that you know how to play goalkeeper the right way. Traditionally, CranBarry comes out with cool mesh designed uniforms to help you teach those forwards a lesson while you punt their shot out of the wing while making a save…and keeping your coaches happy.

Best Goalie Pants Girdles

Price: $$$
Specs: Higher prices equal more padding

A very important piece of goalkeeper equipment are your goalkeeping girdles. These are specially designed pieces of gear to cover your front or pelvic area, groin areas, and tailbone. In addition, you can wear pants or shorts over your leg protection girdles. Lastly, you’ll want a goalie pelvic protector, which sometimes comes separately.

BodyShield Unisex Goalkeeper Sliders 2.0

Check out BodyShield Unisex Goalkeeper Sliders 2.0 on Amazon!

These goalkeeper sliders while not created for field hockey specifically, but perfectly protects your lower body, hips and inner thighs. These sliders are suited for kids. They also make a great job protecting you during the play. Thigh pads absorbs up to 90% of impact and perfectly protects from the cuts, bruises, and contusions. They are made out of nylon (82%), and spandex (18%). The foam is made out of urethane. Because of the fiber used, the sliders are flexible, and breathable. It is also very easy to wash them.

OBO YAHOO Goalie Girdle Bored Shorts

Check out OBO Yahoo Goalie Girdle Bored Shorts on Amazon!

These OBO goalkeeper pants are specially designed to protect your upper legs and inner thigh. The dual density foam is made to be more dense and protective against groin shots. The outer foam is made to more protective and harder, and the inner thigh foam softer and more comfortable. The goalkeeper pelvic protector is sold separately on this set or kit. Great for kids, high school players or adults.

OBO Cloud Hotpants!

Check out the OBO Cloud Hotpants on Amazon!

If you need a set of field hockey goalie pants/girdles that come with a pelvic protector, these Grays ones are for you. Fitting on this piece of field hockey goalie equipment, you’ll love these pants as they provide awesome padding in all areas. Designed with high-quality foam padding throughout, and a strong and sturdy pelvic protector. Laces and string tie-ups fit all weight, height and age levels.

lobloo Aeroslim Female Field Hockey Pelvic Protector

Check out the lobloo Aeroslim Field Hockey Pelvic protectors on Amazon!

In addition to your girdle pants, the top accessories you will need is a women’s goalkeeper pelvic protector. These are specially designed to fit over your female anatomy to protect from high shots. They easily fit over and of your other field hockey goalie gear and pants. There are many brands that offer these, from Grays to Dita. However, lo-bloo ones are designed specifically for athletes and can be used for different sports.

Best Goalie Kickers & Boots

Price: $$$
Specs: Higher prices equal more padding

Field hockey goalkeeper kickers are very important for goalkeeping those lower shots. They are comprised of dense foam that’s bouncy, to rebound shots out of bounds and away from the goal. Additionally, goalie boots are designed for the same purpose and are designed with heavy-duty, protective foam! Other positions require protective shin guards as well!

OBO Goalie Leg Guards

Buy Obo Goalie Field Hockey Leg guards!

These high-quality OBO goalkeeper leg guards are designed specially designed with lightweight Hi Def Polymer to decrease the spin on the ball when making rebounds or saves. Coming in a very cool color, and elite, advanced or youth player will love these. Also, these goalkeeper leg pads come with adjustable straps to keep tight on your shins, knees and ankles!

OBO Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Kickers

Check out the Obo Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Kickers on Amazon!

You’ll definitely want to add these STX Anchor boots to your goalie equipment list! These are constructed with Hi Def Polymer, a very dense and strong foam, to keep you protected and ensure you make those necessary rebounds and saves. Come with durable adjustable straps to keep them in place and comfortable on your foot. Designed to be worn over your field hockey shoes or footwear.

Obo Field Hockey Leg Guard

Check out the OBO OGO Field Hockey Goalie Leg Guards on Amazon!

These are perfect and light for youth field hockey goalies. They have a lighter foam base but provides adequate protection for most players in this league. I would not use these items for players in high school or middle school as it might not provide adequate protection.


Top Goalie Gloves for Sale

Price: $$$
Specs: Left hand protector, right hand holds stick

Now pay attention here as we talk about gloves for goalies (other positions should look at these gloves). The field hockey gloves for goalkeepers are different than the rest of the players. For starters, you have a left handed glove designed with a rectangle surface to deflect high shots. On the right hand, you have a custom designed glove to hold your stick while keeping you safe.


STX Anchor Gloves

Check out the STX Anchor Gloves on Amazon!

Another excellent piece of goalkeeper equipment from STX, you’ll love these goalie gloves. Designed with Hi Def Polymer padding, you will be fully protected from all shots and rebounds. These hand protectors for goalies are super comfortable and have an excellent ergonomic grip. They come with great laces to keep your hands and fingers tight and in place during game time.


Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

Check out the Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves on Amazon!

These are perfect gloves for the youngest field hockey players. The gloves are junior small (10″) size and are perfect for your child. These gloves of Franklin Sports are very comfortable during the game. Gloves also perfectly protects from the hits, are breathable, and ligthweight. It does not limit wrists movement, so the balance between protection and comfort is great.

OBO Wheelie Field Hockey Goalie Bag

Check out the OBO Wheelie Goalie Bag on Amazon!

With all of this goalkeeper equipment, you’re going to need a strong, sturdy, and large bag with wheels! Designed to fit all of your goalkeeper gear, from sticks to helmets to gloves you’ll love this bag. The unique design is awesome, and makes it easy to roll it while using the handle. External compartments to easily hold mouth guards, balls and other gear!

Final Thoughts on Choosing Your Goalie Equipment

It can be tough to find cheap goalkeeper equipment for sale. If you can afford it, buy the best field hockey goalie equipment, from sticks to helmets. This will ensure the maximum protection from the gear that you buy to prevent any injuries. Don’t skip any pieces of equipment as you have some of the most potentials for injury without this protective equipment. Otherwise used field hockey goalie gear works great….just may be smelly! With used products, ensure to look through the wear and tear on the straps of various pieces of equipment. In addition, looks for rips in the foam padding of the different pieces of your gear. If you see rips and tears in the paddings the equipment might not give you the uniform protection it was designed to give you. In addition, always check that the size fits well by playing or moving around in the gear and while testing blocks! We hope these product reviews help you determine the best gear for your new adventure.