Best Harrow Field Hockey Sticks

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

harrow-field-hockey-logo-sportsAlright, we’ve got Harrow field hockey sticks. Harrow┬áis a sports manufacturer that aims to bring the best technology to their sports equipment in order to get the best results out of their equipment. Harrow Sports was founded in 2000 and specialize in the craftsmanship and customization of their equipment for the best outcome. They have quickly become a leader in the sports markets, particularly in the USA due to their technologically advanced equipment. Harrow Sports are a great company with a variety of sticks that can suit every player on the pitch, from a goalkeeper to an attacker.

The Best Harrow Field Hockey Sticks this Season

Below we’ve listed the top field hockey sticks Harrow currently has for sale. More of an American brand, you’ll regularly see top players sporting these Harrow field hockey sticks. At around $100-300 they are a great deal for advanced to elite level sticks!

harrow-rd8-international-composite-stickHarrow RD8 International Field Hockey Stick

Buy the Harrow RD8 on Amazon

The RD8 is the top level Harrow field hockey stick offered by Harrow and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. As a low bow stick, it is tailored for the drag flicker on the pitch. As well as this, it is the ultimate power player stick- it has a high carbon content for ultimate power and the bow being further down the stick gives it great ability to distribute the ball around the pitch. We believe that is is the best stick produced by Harrow and the performance of this Harrow field hockey stick definitely backs up its International level label. Attacking skills is what is best about this stick, shooting flicking are 5 stars. However dribbling is where we feel this stick drops in performance compared to other international sticks. With it being a high carbon Harrow field hockey stick it slightly loses the feel on the ball, as well as being a slightly heavier stick.



harrow-reprise-composite-hockey-stickHarrow Reprise Field Hockey Stick

Check Out The Harrow Reprise on Amazon

The Harrow Reprise is a beautiful stick produced by Harrow and defiantly one of our favourites. The Reprise is a lightweight, sleek stick that gives you a beautiful feel on the ball aiding dribbling and moving the ball across the pitch. Dribbling, including 3-D skills is effortless, and one of the best Harrow field hockey stick for dribbling. However, despite the low weight, it packs a punch. At 90% carbon, it is very powerful and is brilliant for hitting and slapping. There isn’t much wrong with this Harrow field hockey stick, a definite 5 stars- it is perfect for any player, specifically those who like to dribbling with the ball.


Harrow Titan Field Hockey Stickharrow-titan-hockey-stick

Get The Harrow Titan on Amazon

The Harrow Titan is a very different stick to many on the market. At 100% carbon, it is a brute of a Harrow field hockey stick- it is like the Incredible Hulk of hockey sticks. Any form of hitting or slapping of the ball makes it go like a rocket ship, perfect for the defender looking to thump the ball up the pitch, or the attacker looking to embarrass the opposing goalkeeper. As this stick is so different it takes a lot of time to get used to. When receiving the ball it requires extremely soft hands in order to counter act the power of this stick. Dribbling takes time to get used to, but again, like other Harrow field hockey sticks, 3-D dribbling is really good and very easily to lift the ball over the defenders stick. The Titan is a brilliant stick, different to what many have used previously but it certainly wouldn’t go a miss in many players stick bag.



harrow-pulse-field-hockey-stickHarrow Pulse Field Hockey Stick

Buy The Harrow Pulse on Amazon

The Harrow Pulse┬áis a low level stick offered by Harrow and it follows suit of other Harrow field hockey sticks, with great power and shooting ability. This is cause by the heavier head allowing the energy to flow through to the head of the stick. Dribbling is good, it has a metallic, tinny feel on the ball, making it not a great stick to control with. Flicking is ok, it’s mid bow does not give it the slinging movement along the stick for the best outcome. Despite this, this would e a great stick for a mid level player, looking for a good stick to play with but without breaking the bank.



harrow-festival-field-hockey-stickHarrow Festival Goalkeeper Stick

Own the Harrow Festival on Amazon

The Festival is a great goalkeeper stick that brings good saving ability due to the increased saving area and the sticks content. Coated in Kevlar, it has great rebound when saving the ball, with the Kevlar absorbing the impact of the ball. Overall it is a great stick for any goalkeeper looking to get the most out of their goalkeeper stick, most importantly stopping the ball from entering the goal.