Best Princess Field Hockey Sticks Guide

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

princess-field-hockey-sticksIf you’re looking for an intensely customizable stick, look no further than a Princess field hockey stick. This brand of sticks lets you choose between six different levels of stiffness, combined with your choice of shape and curve depending on your needs as a player. Now while this ability to customize is rather unique and appealing, it can also provide confusion when trying to figure out the combination that is best suited for you. Field Hockey Review is here to help you though by making the process as quick and easy as possible by hopefully answering as many of your potential questions as we can!

The Best Princess Field Hockey Sticks for Sale

Princess field hockey sticks are made up of two components players should be aware of: the “star” value, and the mold of the stick. The stiffness of Princess field hockey sticks are indicated by using “stars”. The higher number the star, the higher percentage of carbon is used in making the stick. Sticks with higher percentages of carbon are typically going to be stiffer, which creates greater striking power when hitting the ball but also less forgiveness when receiving the ball. In addition the star system, Princess sticks also come in one of five different molds.

Because choosing a stick is so personal to a player, unfortunately Field Hockey Review can’t tell you exactly which stick is absolutely perfect for you. However, we can try to lead you in the right direction! If you’re a player just starting out, you’ll want your stick to be less stiff, so start with the 2, 3, or 4 star models. As players begin to enter higher levels of competition and skill, they will be able to handle a less forgiving stick and move onto the 4, 6, or 7 star models. When it comes to the different molds offered, molds 1 and 3 are the lightest, which make them ideal for forwards. Molds 2, 5, and 9 are heavier by comparison, which makes them popular with more defensive players. Other differences between the molds are the thickness of the grip, the shape of the head and the bending of the stick.

What’s so unique about Princess Sportsgear field hockey sticks are how they allow their sticks to truly fit a player’s needs. By creating and explaining their star system and the different types of molds used in creating the sticks, players have a completely different buying experience. Instead of trying to search for the single stick that meets the largest number of personal qualifications, you can pick and choose what shape, curve, and stiffness works best for your own style and level of play.

Price Range: $$$
Skill Level: Intermediate to Elite
Size: 36.5-38.5″

princess-6-star-bow-maxPrincess 6 Star Max Bow Stick

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This Princess field hockey stick is made with 100% carbon, making it the stiffest stick made by Princess Sportsgear. The extra stiffness creates incredible striking power when using the stick, and the light weight provides a quick swing, making it ideal for forwards looking to unleash a deadly shot. The bending lower in the stick is ideal for technical players looking to maneuver the ball more easily through an opponent’s stick or feet.


princess-field-hockey-stick-mold-bow-6Princess 6 Star Low Bow Stick

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The 6 star model Princess field hockey stick is made with 80% carbon, making this stick slightly more forgiving than the 7 star model, but sacrificing as little power as possible. The bend in the middle of the stick provides great balance, making controlled passing and striking easier for any level of play. The maximum curve in the stick also allows for players to get under the ball easier for pushing and scooping the ball.

princess 5 star bow stick



Princess 5 Star Mid Bow Stick

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This Princess hockey stick is considered the perfect all around stick made by Princess. Made of 60% carbon, it features an impeccable balance of power and flexibility, and generates a higher speed push because of the low bow present in the stick. The 5 Star- Mold 9 model is also perfect for players looking to excel in their use of drag flicks and other skills.



Princess 4 Star Bow Mold T14 Stick

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This Princess stick also features a wonderful balance of stiffness and forgiveness, and with a profile that makes a players flicking and dribbling skills really shine. The combination of a rounder lower hand profile and uniform rounder rear blade profile helps to provide excellent handling qualities as well as excellent energy transfer when hitting and drag flicking.


Princess 3 Star Bow Mold 1 Stickprincess-field-hockey-sticks-bow-t14

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One of the most flexible sticks in the Princess collection, this stick provides optimal ball control for players looking to enhance their technical skill. Although the flexibility of this stick does create less power than other models, the bending in the middle gives the stick good balance which allows for an easy and controlled strike. This stick is ideal for players looking to make the most out of their push passes.