The Best TK Field Hockey Sticks Reviews

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best-tk-field-hockey-sticks-reviewsTK is no stranger to the field hockey market, with top players across the globe using their famous TK field hockey sticks- from Julia Reinprecht in the US woman’s team to Rassie Pieterse in the South African goal.

It all began in 1978 when founder Thomas Kille modified a standard wooden stick by adding fibreglass and polystyrene in his parents basement in Mannheim, Germany. He sold the reinforced sticks to the players in his team. A student of economics, he decided to form the company with the help of Rambir S.Bal. This Indian connection led to the original logo design, the two elephants with their trunks crossed like their TK field hockey sticks. Today, Thomas Kille is the sole managing director of TK and the namesake of the brand. TK field hockey pride themselves on their passion for hockey, with Kille having 60 appearances for the German junior team. They currently support 100s of players around the globe, including producing international goalie gear and kits.

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The Best TK Field Hockey Sticks with Reviews

tk-platinum-field-hockey-stickTK Platinum P1 Plus Deluxe Field Hockey Stick

Buy The TK P1 on Amazon

The TK P1 Plus Deluxe is the top stick produced by TK in 2015 and its for players who demand the best out of their stick. The P1 is an all round monster of a stick. It has 100% carbon content for ultimate power, however the foam inside the nano tubes reduces the vibrations when receiving the ball, giving it a soft feel to the stick, unlike other 100% carbon sticks. It also has the lowest bow legally possible, making it a great addition to a drag flickers stick bag. This TK sticks brilliant for sticking and hitting,it’s extended sweet spot aids slapping, however it takes time to get used to due to the deep bow.


TK Synergy 1 Field Hockey Sticktk-synergy-1-hockey-stick-bow

Check Out The TK Synergy 1 at Amazon

Much like its Platinum counterpart, the TK Synergy 1 is a magnificent TK field hockey stick for the modern player providing a well designed stick to produce ultimate results. The Synergy 1 plus has a similar shape to the Platinum, however we found that it performed much better than the Platinum. This is because this TK hockey sticks lower carbon content gave it a much softer feel on the ball, giving it a more finesse feel than the brute force that comes with the Platinum. Anything to do with flicking the ball with this stick is a breeze, everything from aerials to drag flicking are very easy. Again, like the platinum hitting and slapping is also very good, but it does time time to get used to the bow. Saying this, the bow allowed you to hit the ball in the top corners of the goal with great ease, making it a superb TK field hockey sticks choice for an attacker or forward


TK Trillium T2 Field Hockey Sticktk-trillium-1-field-hockey-stick

Own The TK Trillium from Amazon

The Trilium T2 is the all round TK field hockey stick for any player, from the budding young forward to the seasoned pro sitting deep in the heart of the defence. With low carbon content it provides an economic solution to those who want the best out of their stick without paying top of the range prices. We love this stick at Field Hockey Review- the late bow and apex head gives it great aerial ability and a great dribbling. This TK field hockey sticks is slightly stiff, with the soft feel not being there like with higher carbon sticks, however this is overturned by the light pick up and high balance point making dribbling quick and making 3-D skills very easy!


TK Core C4 Field Hockey Sticktk-core-c4-field-hockey-sticks-2015

Check Out The TK C4 Stick on Amazon

This is a great TK field hockey stick for any entry level or junior player looking to get their first taste of a composite stick. With just 10% carbon and a mid bow, it provides great functionality for the up and coming without adjusting their technique. This stick is great for the youth player, with a striking design and great feel on the ball, it would be a great addition to any young superstars TK field hockey sticks bag!



tk-g5-goalie-field-hockey-stickTK G3 Goalkeeper Hockey Stick

Buy The TK G3 Goalie Stick on Amazon

The G3 is the sole goalkeeper stick offered by TK and it is a great one! It’s thin profile gives it a much lighter weight, allowing the goalkeeper to quickly get to the ball. It’s shaft shape is also what is very different in this stick. It has a more of a curved shaft the a kinked one, increasing the save area which is vital to many goalkeepers. Despite its thin profile, it has some power behind it which is vital for any 1-1 situations, and saving those rockets from the top of the D! This stick would never go to miss in any goalkeepers kit bag and is one that we at Field Hockey Review would definitely use.