Grays GX7000 Field Hockey Stick Review

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

One of the best-advanced sticks every made, the Grays GX7000 Jumbo hockey stick is one of the best field hockey sticks on the market.

It is a classic all-round stick that combines power with the ability to flick and dribble at the best level that you can. The stick combines a range of aspects, from its low bow or high carbon percentage to produce such a great stick that is used at all levels for any player on the pitch, even field hockey goalies!

The Grays GX7000 Hockey Stick Looks Awesome

First look at the stick shows that it is a crisp, sophisticated looking stick that combines a dark maroon with the traditional orange and white of the Grays logo. This stick would not look out of place on any hockey pitch and its performance also backs up this view.

Stick Grip 

The stock grip provides great shock absorption for a high carbon stick, preventing any vibrations that could occur when hitting the ball. However we did find that this grip quickly lost its stickiness after a few weeks which led me to use a chamois type grip to keep my grip on the stick when playing. Despite this the lack of stickiness is expected after using a stick and adding an over grip is expected. Grays field hockey boast that the sticks handle itself is also designed to prevent this shock, and this also explains the effectiveness of this sticks grip against the vibrations.

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Grays GX7000 Performance

The performance of the Grays GX7000 hockey stick is superb, and exactly what you expect from a world-renowned stick manufacturer. The balance point of this stick is perfect, creating the correct balance allowing the player to flick with accuracy and counteracting the heaviness of an 80% carbon stick that can sometimes hold back a player when flicking. However, this stick can be purchased in super light and light, allowing the preference of players to be met. The weight of the Grays GX 7000 stick is around 580grams, slightly higher than the average stick of a drag-flicker. Nevertheless this weight and carbon content helps provide power in this stick. This helps provide the increased speed when hitting and slapping, benefitting all type of player, defenders and attackers alike.

Stick Dribbling

The dribbling with the Grays GX7000 hockey stick is something that takes some getting used to due to the angled head shape and low bow, however, with practice dribbling became a breeze, with 3D skills becoming significantly easier due to this angled head. The surface of this stick is also what helps, the IFA on the head helps create a surface which in some sense grips the ball, which helps increase the ability to keep control of the ball at all times. We believe that dribbling isn’t the greatest aspect of this stick, but the touch and feel you have of the ball is second to none, especially when compared to other sticks of similar, high carbon content.

Stick Shooting

Goal scoring is where we believe the Grays GX7000 hockey stick comes into its element. The high carbon content and low bow enables shots to rocket into the goal, especially into the top half of the goal. Furthermore the bow provides great help when drag flicking, allowing you to whip the ball into the goal. We have used this stick for around a month and have found that once you get used to the bow shooting is very effortless, and helps provide an added boost to good technique when shooting.

Final Words on the Grays GX7000

Overall the Grays GX7000 hockey stick is the best stick we have ever used; it combines all the aspects of a great stick, great touch, feel and power. It makes hitting, slapping and flicking the ball effortless. This stick can be used for every type of player at any level. However we believe this stick would be best suited for a midfielder as it provides aspects that allow the player to pull the strings, as well as giving them something when attacking on goal.

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