Best Field Hockey Workouts For Conditioning

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Last Updated on March 26, 2020 by Field Hockey

best field hockey workouts

Field hockey is well known as a tough sport, and if you want to be good at it, you have to be able to accelerate really fast and to have plenty of power in your hands to deliver fast and powerful shots. In this article, we will explain the best ways to increase your explosive power output, and how to reduce the long-term impact on your joints. This can be done with circuit training, and you will increase your strength, agility, and cardio fitness, which are essential for becoming a top player in field hockey. We are not saying that long-distance running isn’t offering benefits, on the contrary, you enhance your endurance and stamina. However, the circuit training allows you to focus on the needed abilities for field hockey, as well as on your fitness levels.

The Proper Diet

One thing to keep in mind is dieting properly during these times of training in order to make sure you are building the proper muscle. Without a proper diet that focuses on the vitamins and proteins to help you during these workouts can be hurtful to your long-term goals. For example, if your vitamins are off-balance your muscles might break down for energy instead of the energy nutrients that you ate. Eating properly also ensures that you have energy at the right times of the day including pre and post-workout and pre-game workouts. You can find more information about specific diets/training here. Keep in mind its good to talk to a nutritionist to see what works for your body but the best case is to watch your results personally as the season/training goes on. A good resource about fat, fat loss, and abs can be hugely beneficial to you so that you have efficient training during the limited time of a season.

Circuit Training

Have in mind that circuit training does not represent just one exercise. In fact, it is a combination of a number of different high-intensity, resistance exercises, which are used to improve cardiovascular fitness and build muscles. Furthermore, circuit training is also great because it allows you to lose fat much quicker and more effective than standard aerobic exercises. You can complete a circuit training basically anywhere, and at any time.


We offer you a few different exercises ideal for strength-building and used by professional field hockey players. It is up to you to choose the ones that work the muscles you want to focus on.

Jump Rope

best field hockey workouts

For this exercise, you need to jump rope for about half a minute to minute, with your feet together. Remember not to jump too high, and try to keep it around an inch off the ground. For getting more out of your exercise, you can use some different techniques in rope jumping. For example, you can try to focus on balance and speed by jumping only on one foot, and then switch to the other. Also, try jumping rope with one foot at a time, switching the feet between every jump. Have in mind that these different techniques need to be done with your maximum speed, and as long as you can do them. If you want to order one of the best jump ropes on the market, go here.




Stick Jumps

best field hockey workouts

The stick jumps are specifically designed for field hockey players as you need to jump back and forth over a stick. You should do every exercise for about half a minute to a minute.

  • Both feet together: Place the stick in front of you horizontally, and try jumping over it and back with your feet together.
  • Feet apart: Again, the stick needs to be placed in front of you horizontally, and you need to jump back-and-forth, with one foot leading and the other following. It should be done in “over, over, back, back” rhythm. Try increasing your speed after every jump.
  • With one foot: This time, jump back and forth over the stick with only one foot, and repeat the same number of jumps with the other foot.
  • Sideways: Instead of placing the stick horizontally in front of you like with the previous exercises, this time place the stick parallel to you, and with both feet together, jump sideways over the stick and back.



Mountain Climbers

best field hockey workouts

This is a type of exercise that was designed to strengthen the muscles in your legs and feet. To begin the mountain climber, you need to place yourself in the position for a push-up, with your face down and palms positioned apart, in the width of your shoulders. The toes need to push against the floor to support the balance of your body. Now lift your body by straightening your arms, and, in a quick motion, bend one of your legs at the knee, until you reach your chest and the ball of your foot is in contact with the floor. Now bring the leg in the starting position, and repeat the motion with your other leg. This exercise should be completed at a fast pace, and it should last from half a minute to a minute.




best field hockey workouts

One of the best field hockey workouts for strength-building and good cardio is the so-called “Burpees”. Even though this exercise is really simple, it is one of the very few workouts that actually effectively target such a number of muscles with such a low number of movements. A burpee comes as a combination of squats, vertical jumps, and push-ups. To begin this exercise, start with a squat, and extending both of your arms towards the ground, and with fingertips pointing forward, touch the ground with both palms. Continue the exercise by keeping your palms on the ground, and by lowering your body by kicking both of your legs backward simultaneously. Now you are in the push-up position. Complete one push-up and then jump with your legs back to the chest, continue the exercise with a vertical jump, extending your arms up in the air, and end the exercise by squatting down in the starting position. The burpee should be repeated 10 times, without breaks.


Body Squats


If you want to strengthen your buttocks and thighs, the body squats are the perfect exercise. Since most of the time during a game of field hockey, you will have a position that is close to a squat, working these muscles is a smart thing to do. Begin the exercise by standing upright, then spread your feet apart in the width of your shoulders. Next, you need to bend your knees in a 90-degree angle position, and position your body so that it resembles to sitting down on a chair. In order to keep your balance, remember to extend your arms in front of your chest, and keep your spine straight. To complete the exercise, go back into the starting position. This exercise should be repeated 20 times.



best field hockey workouts

You can do this exercise either while standing in place, or by moving forward. To begin, step out with one of your feet, while the other needs to be slightly bent at the knee and near the floor, but without touching it. The forward leg should bend at the knee at 90-degrees, and the knee needs to stay just behind your forward foot. Keep your chest and spine straight. To complete the exercise, get back up, switch the legs and do the same motion again.



best field hockey workouts

Planks are a great workout for those who want to build the core muscles in their body. To begin, lie down on the ground with your face down. Extend your legs behind you, and bend your arms at the elbows while resting them at your sides. While keeping your elbows below your shoulders, prop yourself up on your forearms.  At the same time, you need to curl your toes on the ground. Next, position the hands in front of yourself, while keeping your head up by gazing at a point in front of you. To lift your body, you need to push through your toes and elbows. This way, the entire weight of your body will be supported by your toes and forearms. To continue, keep your back straight, draw your navel towards your back. To stabilize your body, try using your core muscles. While keeping your spine straight, hold this position from 30 to 60 seconds, and remember to inhale and exhale during this position.


Now that you got yourself familiarized with best field hockey workouts, you can start getting into shape on a much faster pace than with jogging or running. Furthermore, these exercises will make your leg muscles stronger, which is great for improving your field hockey techniques.