The Best Field Hockey Jerseys and Pinnies

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So you’ve got your stick, your ball, and your protective gear. Now you need to dress up before things can go down on the field. You need the best field hockey jerseys and pinnies to look your finest for your best game. You want gear that will perform well, that’s breathable and wickers sweat like an ace. You also want something comfortable that looks good. In addition, good pinnies are also important. They have to be lightweight but durable, easily spotted on the field and cut in such a way that it’s not in the way too much

If you’re the team manager and you’re responsible for your girls’ or guys’ look on the field, the number of products to choose from will knock your socks off. You’ll want to look for separate jerseys for home and away games, or better yet, reversible jerseys or pinnies that can double as both home and away gear. It’s against the rules to have different teammates wear different colors on the field, so it’s important to get the color right. The goalie gets special treatment of course and must wear a jersey that’s a different color from the rest of the team’s colors.
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And it’s not only for when you’re in the heat of battle. You also need gear for all the practice and practice and practice that it takes to become the best at your game. So, you’re looking for something that’s durable and that reflects your personality a little.

It’s important to cater for the young stars too. Something that will last through several seasons, but that is not too expensive to replace if the kid has a growth spurt. It should be able to handle little rough and ready young field hockey players.

Top 6 Best Field Hockey Jerseys and Pinnies

With all of this in mind, we bring you the line-up of the best tanks and pinnies that we could find for female and youth players including value for money as well as more premium products.

Augusta Women's Reversible Mesh TankAugusta Women’s Reversible Mesh Tank

Augusta Sportswear produces high-quality sports gear for every sport imaginable. They cater for men, women, and children and have a wide variety of apparel for every pocket. The Augusta reversible tank is made out of 100% polyester tricot mesh. It is fully reversible, so you have a home and away jersey all rolled in one. They’re available in nine different colors which all reverse into a white tank top. These tops are also available in four different sizes in ladies’ fit. It’s a wide cut with good length and the lightweight material won’t drag you down. They are all in a solid color, so you can have them customized for your team.

Varsity Girl Practice VestVarsity Girl Practice Vest

Varsity Girl believes that their hockey jerseys and pinnies are for girls with game. This pinnie from the Varsity Girl range comes in a delightful range of bright colors in youth and adult sizes. It has a scoop neck and is made of 100% polyester. It has the word Field Hockey printed on the front in wide fun letters. They are not customizable and not made for match play, but It is the perfect pinnie for a fun look while training. They are perfect for girls with game who wants to bring out their fun side on the field.

Tribe Head Racerback Practice VestTribe Head Racerback Practice Vest

Tribe Head sells a wide range of lacrosse and hockey gear. This pinnie from Tribe Head is another great option for a fun practice pinnie. It’s made from 100% polyester mesh and has a racerback design. It’s available in youth and adult sizes in a mixed black and white color scheme. It features a girl playing hockey and the words “All Day Every Day” as a focus illustration on the front of the pinnie. There are different printed designs available from Tribe Head, but this one really spells out how important field hockey is to you.

Unlimited Potential Mesh Practice Vest Unlimited Potential Mesh Practice Vest

These pinnies are available in yellow, green, red, orange and blue in youth and adult sizes. It’s made out of 100% polyester and is very breathable with good ventilation to keep you cool. The bright colors stand out on the field, so no mistaking your teammate for an opponent. It will easily fit over your hockey jersey. They’re durable and with quality stitching for long lasting wear. It’s possible to have them customized by screen printing your team name on the vest.

Pozession Sports Youth VestPozession Sports Youth Vest

Pozession Sports is a company driven by sports coaches who wants to create a better sporting experience for kids. Pozession Sports offer pinnies for younger players in a range of bright colors with fun names like Flash Green and Lake Blue. They’re stretchy and would fit adults up to size small. They are super lightweight – you don’t even know that you’re wearing one when you’re on the field. They fit over jerseys and protective gear.

Blue Dot Adult or Youth Vests Blue Dot Adult or Youth Vests

Blue Dot is a great brand to go with if you want value for money. Blue Dot Trading brings pinnies in a range of eight colors and the opportunity to buy in bulk or as single vests. They would easily fit team members from under eights’ to under twelve’s. Durable and non-itchy, they make for perfect game time wear as you’ll be able to give your full attention to the game – which can be hard if you’re a kid. They’re durable and will last for several seasons. Another benefit is that you can see the uniform through the mesh with ease.

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Whether you are having customized jerseys made for your team or are just looking a fun pinnie to play in when you’re practicing, it’s important to have good gear. It doesn’t have to be expensive, especially for the little ones who grow out of their sport wear faster that you can hit a goal. If you’re into wearing high-quality wear, that’s also good. Some things are non-negotiable. Whatever style you buy, it shouldn’t be bothersome by not wicking sweat well, being scratchy or very heavy. The most important things are that you feel like a star on the field and that you can rely on your gear not to fail you.