Best Field Hockey Mouthguard

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

Hockey requires you to put in all your energy and force . The hockey sticks used in the game can cause you not only severe pain but also other detrimental issues if your mouth gets hit. No one wants to lose their precious smile in a hockey playground. Mouth protection is a must for anyone daring to play hockey. You simply need to get your hands on the perfect field hockey mouthguard with the right kind of fit in order to fully secure your teeth.

The bad taste of your athletic mouthguard is a definite nuisance. Are you suffering from this discomfort? Lucky for you, there is no need to tolerate this. The market is currently offering some of the best athletic and custom mouthguards ever. Not only will these taste great, but you will have easy access to them, and they are comfortable to wear. They will protect your mouth and teeth from any injury and will keep you playing in the game.

What’s the Best Field Hockey Mouthguard?

When you are purchasing a field hockey mouthguard, you need to keep an eye out for something thick; this will help in keeping your bottom and top teeth separated when you bite down. Moreover, thicker materials offer additional shock absorption which is great protection for your jaw and teeth, especially when you are an athlete. You should always choose your own mouthguard in order to get yourself the best quality.

The basic and standard mouthguards are quite thin and are often made cheaply and may not adequately protect your teeth and mouth. You need a field hockey mouthguard made from high-quality materials that offer longevity, protection, and good taste. Invest in the best names in the sports industry such as Shock Doctor and Under Armour.

Below you will find some of the best field hockey mouthguards that are worth every penny spent:

1. Battle Limited-Edition Oxygen Lip Protector Mouth Guard


The popularity enjoyed by this mouthguard is quite understandable. It has a cool design which is a unique selling point on its own. However, what sets this mouthguard apart is the hole in the front. The hole allows the user more room to breathe from their mouth.

Traditional mouth guards do not have this feature. The piece does not need boiling, and you can wear this without braces as well. It comes with a whopping $5000 dental warranty which clearly shows the quality being offered.

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  • Innovative lip guard design
  • Extra breathing room
  • Does not require boiling for fitting


  • Players with simple preferences do not choose this
  • Costly

2. Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard

As per fashion guidelines, it is definitely mediocre. However, the quality speaks volumes. Not only is the fitting easy, but the gel-fit liner allows the teeth to sink in easily. Maximum protection is offered with the exoskeletal shock frame. Shock Doctor also offers you immense variety regarding colors.

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  • High-quality exo-skeletal
  • Reliable brand
  • Easy fitting
  • Variety of colors


  • Lacks latest designs
  • Traditional style
  • Not a perfect fit for every customer


3.Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lip Guard

The mouthpiece is quite similar to the battle mouthguard. The price is similar as well in the adult size. Your choice between the two entirely depends on the brand and the design. If you are looking for a top brand name, then Shock Doctor should be your first choice. If you are looking for an athletic mouthguard with more design options, then Battle Mouthguard is your pick.

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  • Additional lip protection
  • Breathing-hole feature for easy airflow
  • Shock Doctor high-quality material to absorb impacts


  • Size might create discomfort for some
  • Lacks variety regarding design

4. Teeth Armor Sports Mouth Guard

The price is quite affordable, especially with the value it offers. The brand lacks variety with the mouthguard color options and designs. If you have more to put toward the investment, then you can opt for better protection brands.

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  • The mouthguard material is absorbent and offers thick technology
  • Reasonable price
  • Dental warranty of $32000 ensure reliability of the brand


  • Other brands offer additional protection
  • Lack of variety regarding design
  • Built in strap could be an issue for some

5. Vettex Double Mouth Guard with Lip Protection


This is a desirable choice if you are familiar with the Shock Doctor brand. You can get a similar looking athletic mouthguard without the hefty price tag. It is as affordable as mouthguards manufactured with reasonably high-quality materials can get.

However, it does not feature an air hole. It has the option of the Vegas Gold color which is quite rare and catches your eye instantly. This unique color can help you stand out in the field. It offers an additional lip guard to protect your lips from any damage. For an adult field hockey mouthguard, this brand is also the most affordable option.

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  • Highly affordable
  • Design very similar to Shock Doctor 3300
  • Unique color
  • Additional lip protection


  • Little brand awareness and reliability
  • No air hole
  • Lack of warranty

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned athletic mouthguards are some of the finest picks depending upon your priorities. Make sure to never compromise on quality as it is the quality and the materials that guarantee you a safe game as an athlete. You simply cannot risk your beautiful set of teeth just for the sake of money or anything else. Consider the impact absorption of the materials, along with the brand image in the market as well. Go with your personal choice in terms of design and color. Good luck!