The Best of Voodoo Field Hockey Sticks

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

If the Voodoo field hockey stick was not strange enough for you, imagine playing a game with a Voodoo Omen in your hands! It will definitely terrify the players from the opposing team, and the name simply sounds like it is bringing you some voodoo luck on the field and hopefully plenty of scoring. Maybe you got interested in the Voodoo sticks because you like the ring to it and the design goes perfectly with your persona? Maybe you are hoping that your discovery of the Voodoo stick is an OMEN and your next season will be all about you scoring like crazy? Regardless of the reasons, the fact stands that the Voodoo Field Hockey sticks are unbelievably high quality made, and have high–end specifications.

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In the case you are already a Voodoo owner, then you definitely know what we are talking about. However, if that is not the case, have in mind that this brand offers some of the best sticks for highlighting and even largely improving your skills on the pitch. Since we had the honor of trying out these phenomenal sticks, we can freely say that Voodoo is like Gryphon on steroids!

To start off, we will first talk about the latest Voodoo Omen field hockey stick line, the OMEN Level 1 and Level 2. As far as the specifications go, these two sticks have plenty in common, only the Level 1 comes with a better composition of materials. Both levels have a high amount of carbon in them.

The Level 2 comes with 90% carbon, 5% Aramid (for the reverse edge and head reinforcement), and 5% fiberglass. As for the Level 1, it comes with %% Aramid, and just 5% more carbon in it. But, the manufacturing process is different, and for this level carbonbraid process is used. This is a process that most of the leading field hockey stick manufacturers have adopted for their best models. With the sticks being so similar, it doesn’t come as a shock that both of them can hit the ball hard as a hammer! So, having this in mind, we believe that the $100 higher price for the Level one might not be that justified, and that most people will opt for the Level 2 Voodoo Omen.

We have to admit that the material composition is very important when it comes to field hockey sticks, but it is not the only important thing. These sticks are unbelievably designed, give you a light feeling, and allow you to maneuver like lighting. Perfect for forward players that are fast on thinking!

Usually thickness and head shape are not that presented in reviews, but the Omen stick line definitely deserves all the attention we can give them. The sticks are made with a head shape that is incredible extended, and even though this is not the first time we have seen this, the toe of the Omen’s head just gives you an impression that it is a bit longer than manufacturers models, which definitely provides amazing dribbling control.


What we also need to mention is that the thickness of these sticks allows the players to lift the ball to a 3D dribble, in the case it’s “running” away from them. Due to the fact that the head is slightly thinner than with other sticks, gently scooping up the ball is much easier.

When it comes to weight to balance ratio, we can only say that they are amazingly well balanced, and you can pretty much level the stick with your right hand in a low position. This feature we only found before in the Adidas carbon sticks.

By saying the Voodoo sticks are light, we will not even closely describe how really light they are. The only other sticks that are that light are probably the Superlight Kookaburra sticks, but they are not nearly as strong as the Voodoo are.

The next thing we want to point out on the Voodoo field Hockey sticks is the shape on the Voodoo stick’s shaft. You will notice that the big 24.8mm curve is slightly different. It is lower than we are used to, and 230mm up from the head, it is higher than extreme.

women hitting voodoo stick

The Voodoo sticks are ideal for dribblers because the bow position allows amazing ball control, thanks to the slightly open lay-up. Having in mind the weight, or better say lightness, the power that comes from these sticks, and the ease of 3D dribbling, we can freely say that they are well suited for wingers who finish their stints with a hard pass or shot.

All in all, the Voodoo Field Hockey sticks are with an unusual design and name, but we can sincerely recommend them for all of those who have serious dribbling skills, because these sticks will make them even better. And now, we would like to present you some of the greatest Voodoo Field Hockey Stick shapes and models available on the market at the moment.

Top 4 Voodoo Field Hockey Sticks

Voodoo Paradox Code Red Field Hockey Stick

The Code Red stick comes with the AttackPLUS stick shape, and it is the Voodoo’s lowest bow field hockey stick shape. It has a 24.8mm bow, which is up from the heel at 225mm. This shape is also found on the 2 Attack Voodoo hockey sticks, and represents a perfect shape for attacking players who have great dribbling skills and like to perform powerful shots.


Voodoo Paradox Unimited Field Hockey Stick

This is the only model from Voodoo’s 2016/2018 line of field hockey sticks that looks like the rest of the sticks available on the market. The Unimited stick comes with 24.8mm bow and a classic curve position of 250mm up from the head. This stick is meant to be an all rounder and can be used by the players in all field positions.


Voodoo Paradox Punisher V1 Field Hockey Stick

This stick comes with 95% carbon composition and offers enormous power. It also features a Twaron/ Aramid made custom sleeve, allowing the players to have an amazing feel and a soft touch. Thanks to this, stick control is at the highest level. The design of the stick offers a mid-shaft balance point, and due to the lighter head, it allows the player to have sharp and fast responses. The curved profile of the stick provides easy ball lifting, as well as flicking on the run. In three words, this stick is: Powerful, Precise, and Perfect!


Voodoo Precision Composite Indoor Field Hockey Stick

The most powerful gun in the Voodoo arsenal! The Voodoo Precision Composite stick comes with a design that inspires the best from players when it’s most important. The stick is made with a curve profile that is mid-to-low, and with the high balance-point, the stick allows the players to have amazing control of the ball, and to assist with lightning fast reactions in the complicated aerial skills. The stick is made of the highest quality carbon fiber materials and it comes with an optimum face angle, which makes passing and flicking unbelievably easy.