The Best STX Field Hockey Sticks

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

stx-field-hockey-sticks-logoSTX is a global sports manufacturer famed for their innovative technology used in their lacrosse sticks. However in recent years they have diversified, and in turn joined the market in making some top notch field hockey sticks.

Formed in 1970 by Richard B.C. Tucker Sr, a college lacrosse player who wanted to make lacrosse equipment easily purchased and obtained. At the time lacrosse sticks were hand crafted, but the move to create them using synthetic materials would allow the masses to play the sport. Fast forward to 2015 and STX is a diverse company making top of the range equipment for lacrosse, hockey and most importantly field hockey. Their specific range of STX field hockey sticks brings great technology in order to get the best results. Their recent emergence into the field hockey sticks market has made them extremely popular on the international stage, including Sam Ward and Jeroen Hertzberger- two of the best goal scorers on the world circuit.

The Best STX Field Hockey Sticks Today

Below you’ll find the best STX field hockey sticks available in 2015 and beyond. We’ve provided you a quick STX field hockey sticks review for each one of them! So read the review then pick the best stick for you over on Amazon!

STX Surgeon 100 Field Hockey Stickstx-surgeon-100-field-hockey-sticks

Buy the STX Surgeon 100 at Amazon

The STX Surgeon 100 is a brilliant entry level STX field hock stick for a player looking for a composite stick that gives the, great control and feel on the ball. It is a 5% carbon stick, meaning it has a small amount of carbon compared to the elite level sticks, making it a brilliant stick for a player looking to get their first composite stick. What we love about this stick is that it does not feel like a lower level stick- it provides great touch and control on the ball, as well as nice flicking and hitting ability. The Surgeon 100 is one of those brilliant STX field hockey sticks for any beginner who wants the most out of their stick, without paying the price of an elite level stick.

stx-surgeon-300-field-hockey-sticks-reviewSTX Surgeon 300 Field Hockey Stick

Check Out the STX Surgeon at Amazon

The STX Surgeon 300 is a stick that aims to give ultimate control on the ball, when dribbling and when shooting. This is why the Surgeon series of STX field hockey sticks is so great for the forward, it brings great power with heightened carbon content, without compromising on the carbon content of the control of the stick. These aspects mean that the stick is brilliant for attackers- shooting with this stick is 5 stars. Great control and power on the ball, bringing great accuracy. Its late bow gives it great flicking ability also, generating a great sling when drag flicking. However, this is one of those STX field hockey sticks that is quite heavy. This is its only downfall as the STX Surgeon 300 is a brilliant STX hockey stick in every other aspect.


STX Stallion 700 Field Hockey Stickstx-stallion-700-field-hockey-stick-review

Get The STX Stallion 700 at Amazon

The STX Stallion 700 is one of the best STX field hockey sticks for a midfield player that is looking for a stick that can match the versatility of their game. Much like every STX stick, it combines power and control in order to benefit the player in both defensive and offensive plays. Best suited for the elite level player, this stick is one of our favourites. Dribbling with this stick is one of the best aspects-bringing great control and feel on the ball and well as the maxi head giving it great 3-D dribbling ability. Slapping is another aspect we really enjoyed, in a game situation, a midfield needs to get rid of the ball quickly. Of all the STX field hockey sticks, the Stallion 700 gives you that in bundles. The flicking and shooting is also good, the shooting more than the flicking. Despite this the STX Stallion 700 great for a midfielder, bringing versatility and speed to the games of the player, it is a must have in every midfielders bag.


stx-hammer-300-field-hockey-sticks-reviewSTX Hammer 300 Field Hockey Stick

Own The STX Hammer 300 at Amazon

The STX Hammer 500 is much like its name- solid and powerful. It is one of those perfect STX field hockey sticks for the defensive player looking to make an impact on the field with their hitting as well as their tackling. With a mid-bow and a heavy weight of 500grams- its gives great slapping ability-perfect when transferring the ball across the pitch. Due to its weight and high carbon content, this stick is brilliant when striking the ball, giving great power for players looking to get the ball down the field. This great power comes with its drawbacks; it has a much stiffer feel, requiring very soft hands when receiving the ball. As well as this it is one of the heavier STX field hockey sticks. Made for the defender, it would be slightly heavy for an attacking player. Despite this it is a brilliant stick for any defender looking to bring power and strength to the field.


STX Shield Goalkeeper Field Hockey Stickstx-shield-field-hockey-goalie-stick

Buy The STX Shield at Amazon

The STX Shield is one of the lightest goalkeeper STX field hockey sticks we have ever used. Made of 100% fibreglass, tons stick is extremely light, making it almost unrecognisable when holding it, like an extension of the arm. However, this make up gives it very little power behind the ball. Despite this it has a great saving area due to the kinked shaft, but with this kind of STX field hockey stick it comes with the preference of the goalkeeper, whether they want to lose power for decreased weight or increase weight for more power.


stx-field-hockey-starter-setsSTX Field Hockey Sticks Starter Set

Get The STX Electric Stick at Amazon

Coming with an STX field hockey bag, this is an awesome starter package for any young field hockey player looking to play their first year. Including the bag, you get an the electric style STX field hockey stick, signature field hockey goggles, and shin guards to keep your legs safe. Start off with this set your first year and then upgrade to better STX field hockey sticks as your game improves!