The Best Gryphon Field Hockey Sticks Reviews

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

Best-Gryphon-Field-Hockey-SticksGryphon hockey is an Australian company that has brought shock-waves into the hockey world, literally. As a brand Gryphon field hockey sticks are known for their hard hitting and their crispness on the pitch, and they certainly do not disappoint.

Gryphon began in 1983 and prides themselves on bringing the best sticks for the hockey players, by hockey players. The company is run by hockey players, with world renowned stars such as Craig Boyne being one of the players that work for Gryphon, ensuring the best out of their sticks. This talented group of background staff brings results, with vast numbers of players across the globe using their sticks- most notably Sam Quek and Andy Hayward.

The Best Gryphon Field Hockey Sticks Reviewed

Gryphon hockey has TONS of different field hockey sticks models. You’ll find the Gryphon Diablo, Blade, Taboo, Elan, Atomic, Predator, Solo, Chrome, Tour and plenty of others. Checkout which Gryphon field hockey sticks we recommend the highest below….

Gryphon-starter-set-packageGryphon Field Hockey Sticks Beginner Set

Buy The Gryphon Stick Starter Set at Amazon

If you are new to field hockey, then picking up a beginners field hockey stick set is your best bet at getting all the gear you need in one place. This Gryphon field hockey sticks set comes complete with shin guards, hockey stick bag, ball, and of course a Gryphon field hockey stick. Pick it up in a multitude of colors from pink, blue, white and other combinations for any player looking for style out on the field.


gryphon-tour-field-hockey-stickGryphon Tour T-Bone Field Hockey Stick

Check Out The Gryphon Tour at Amazon

The T-Bone is our favourite Gryphon field hockey stick; it brings great power, but great control on the ball. It does what every Gryphon stick does-hits hard. However, unlike many other sticks on the market, this stick is one of the best available for control and touch on the ball. The stiffest stick available from Gryphon, it brings great help to your slapping, hitting and pushing. Pushing is something that I felt was very good also, due to the T-Bone head. This head shape gave extra control on the ball, as well as giving it the sling that allows you to pass the ball across the width of the pitch. Nevertheless, this stick has its negatives. The Gryphon Tour’s weight is its biggest issue, with it being very heavy compared to other Gryphon field hockey sticks. Despite this it is a great stick for any power player on the hockey pitch, attacker or defender.



Gryphon Taboo Striker Deuce II Field Hockey Stickgryphon-taboo-striker-field-hockey-stick-deuce

Get The Gryphon Taboo at Amazon

The Taboo Striker Deuce II is a stick that has gone under the radar. It’s the modern day attackers dream- Great power and striking ability, like every Gryphon field hockey stick. But as well as this, it brings a light touch to the ball-this means dribbling is a dream and even better- flicking is a dream. The Taboo flicks like no other Gryphon stick we have used; great precision and great power. What is even better is that this stick looks great on the pitch. A slick design and crisp black and white paint job, making another Gryphon field hockey sticks stand out.



best-gryphon-hockey-sticks-bladeGryphon Chrome Blade Field Hockey Stick

Own The Gryphon Blade at Amazon

The Gryphon Blade is a great entry level composite stick from Gryphon field hockey sticks. It has a superb touch on the ball, but even at this entry level, has great power and striking ability. One thing that we love about this stick is the curves available; unlike most entry level sticks this doesn’t just come in a classic mid bow, but a low bow too. This gives those players that do not want to buy the international sticks the ability to have international shaped sticks, but at half the price. As like other Gryphon sticks, they look great on the pitch, with a matte face and a glossed back, it definitely stands out on the pitch.


Gryphon Atomic Pro II Hockey Stick Gryphon-atomic-pro-field-hockey-sticks

The Atomic Pro II is the stick of Gryphon that is full of technology. The Energy Reduction System (ERS) and the Power Integration System (PIS) work together to create a great stick that combines a great touch as well as the power that Gryphon field hockey sticks are famous for. It’s a lower level stick provided by Gryphon- but this doesn’t mean that it is not a great stick. Like every Gryphon sticks it’s worth every penny. Flicking isn’t the best thing about the stick; it does the job but doesn’t give the basis for a great drag flicking stick. Overall this would be a great stick for anyone, but ideally for someone that is looking to get the most out of their stick without having to pay top dollar.




Gryphon Sentinel Goalkeeper Stick

Buy The Gryphon Sentinel Stick from Amazon

The Sentinel is our favourite goalkeeper Gryphon field hockey stick on the market. It is lightweight, powerful and looks great. Its unique shape gives it great saving area and even better, provides great power for clearing the ball with the stick due to its carbon aramid combination. At a great price, this stick is great for any goalkeeper looking to get the best out of their Gryphon hockey sticks.




EXTRA – Gryphon Field Hockey Sticks Grip

Check Out The Gryphon Grip at Amazon

Taking a look at Gryphon field hockey stick grips, you’ll love this impact resistant hold. The Gryphon Cushion Grip is made from a synthetic compound with thousands of tiny dimples to ensure your hands stick to the handle despite the water and sweat that go with any game. Scoop it up from Amazon today!