Best Field Hockey Shin Guards Buying & Sizing Guide

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Comparison of the Best Field Hockey Shin Guards

Shin GuardProtectionFoam Pad SizeBest ForAdditional FeaturesPrice
Adidas Hockey Shinguards

Full ShinXSS, XS, S, M, LCenter, Defensemen, WingsVentilated hard plastic shell$$
Adidas Predator SG LGE

Full ShinM, LCenter, Defensemen, WingsComes with sleeves, fits adults$$
Mazon Stealth Field Hockey Shin Guard

Full Shin and AnkleS, M, LAdult, RecreationalErgonomic fit, removeable liner, TPU shield, easy fitting on and off$$
Grays G600

Full Shin and AnkleXXS, XS, S, M, LGoalie, Junior, YouthFoam lined, anatomically shaped with special shin and ankle protection, no straps needed$$
STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards

Full Shin, Ankle, CalvesS-11", M-11.5", L-12"Center, Wings, Defensemen, GoalieFoam liner molds to your leg, Comes with mesh carry bag$$
TK Total 2.1 Field Hockey Shin Guards

Full ShinS (10.5"), M (11.5"), or L (12.5")Center, Defensemen, WingsLightweight shin guards with air flow vents on the sides that allow your legs to breathe, removable inner that is machine washable$$
Franklin Sports SG 175

Full Shin and KneesS, M, 9-inchGoalie, Center, Junior, YouthAdjustable self-stick straps, made out of plastic and nylon, has a air-flow vented construction$$
Harrow Protect

Full ShinS, M, LGoalie, Junior, YouthCan be worn without socks. Foam field hockey shin guards$$

Field hockey, a sport known for its agility and fast-paced action, demands top-notch equipment for safety and performance.  Field hockey shin guards are the second most important piece of protective equipment you need, right behind your stick of course. Have you ever been smacked in the shin with a hard, blunt object? It freaking hurts!

But why are they so important, and what makes a good pair of shin guards? This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about field hockey shin guards, ensuring you make an informed decision.


We recommend investing in the best protective pieces from top brands like Grays, STX, Protec, Adidas and Harrow to help keep your legs safe. These brands have invested in research and technology to provide shin guards that offer maximum protection without compromising on comfort. These are the products that strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability

We understand you may have questions about buying the right piece and wanting the cheapest price possible. Below we answer these top questions from our readers and giving you our top recommendations and also the best place to buy them!

Do You Have to Wear Shin Guards in Field Hockey?

Wearing the shin guards in field hockey is a wise choice. It is common to get a shin trauma while playing the field hockey.

There is an injury called shin splints that is pretty painful. The trauma is likely to happen during the game. And the possibility of getting this medical condition can be lowered with the protective gear – shin guards for field hockey.

Even without getting a serious trauma, experiencing a shin pain is nothing pleasant. If you were hit with a field hockey ball in the shins, refraining from the game for a some time would be a good idea as you must take time to recover the muscles. But if you were with the shin guards when you got hit, the inflammation of the shin might not even be a problem.

You shouldn’t risk your own or your children’s health. When incomes to the prevention and security, you must always choose the best gear.

Can I Wear Soccer Shin Guards for Field Hockey?

Although you can legally use similar soccer gear in a field hockey game, we do NOT recommend this. Let us explain the difference between field hockey and soccer protective pieces. The main difference is the padding which is thicker and more protective because of the impact possibility of the smaller ball. Soccer pieces are usually lighter, and aren’t made with a strong plastic. Due to the stronger plastic, the recommended gear we have also molds around your leg better for that full leg protection you want.

Field-Hockey-Shin-Guard-SizesFitting, Sizing, and Wearing your Protection Gear

As mentioned before the protective gear is designed with hard plastic on the outside to protect and keep you safe, and soft foam padding on the inside to keep you comfortable. You will not find any straps or velcro, because the piece should mold tightly on your leg. To properly wear your gear for maximum injury prevention, follow these steps:

  1. Put on a thin pair of socks, or field hockey rash guards that covers your leg if you prefer
  2. Open up your shin guards and place onto your lower leg. Strap if necessary.
  3. Put on your shin guard socks on the outside. NOT inside!
  4. Put on your field hockey shoes or cleats.
  5. Make any last adjustments for comfort, then go out and play.

How to Measure your Shin Guard?

Take a look at the sizing chart picture to the right side of this paragraph. The key steps are below:

  1. Get a measuring tape.
  2. Place one end of the tap in the middle of your knee cap.
  3. Extend the measuring tape to your ankle and then record the total length in “Inches”.
  4. Match the length with the size chart.


The Best Field Hockey Shin Guards for 2024

Of all the protective gear, accessories, or supplies, this piece is always fun to shop for. Below we’ve listed the best field hockey shin guards for youth, girls, and guys. Of course, you can find the best clearance or discount price at Amazon. We have different products in different price ranges, hope you will find something suited for you. Here’s a rundown of the best field hockey shin guards for different needs and budgets:

Price: $$
Sizing: All Sizes
Protection: Full Protection Below the Knee

1. Adidas Hockey Shinguards

Buy Adidas Hockey Shinguards on Amazon!

Adidas hockey shinguards makes a perfect fit if you want to keep your shins protected. They are extremely lightweight, yet effective. Shin guards are also quite comfortable, flexible enough. They are even used for playing the ice hockey. The Adidas shinguards are designed for those intermediate, advanced and elite players who need a strong and sturdy outer shell to fight off nasty stick checks.

When choosing a size, keep in mind that XXS size is suited for a person with a height of 98cm to 116cm, XS – for someone that is from 116cm to 134cm, S – from 134cm to 152cm, M – from 152cm to 170 cm, and L – from 170cm to 188cm. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not provide this information in the item description, but this information could be found on the packaging of the piece.


2. Adidas Predator SG LGE Mens Shinguards

Buy Adidas Predator Shinguards!

These are known as being high quality pieces. Adidas, who started as a top soccer brand, did an excellent job constructing these Adidas field hockey versions. The shields are medium size and you can get a good looking product with white, silvermet, and black color. They also come with sleeves. This is a great option for an adults.


3. Mazon Stealth Field Hockey Shin Guard

Buy Mazon Stealth Field Hockey Shin Guard on Amazon!

Mazon is a big name in the Australia being the most popular Australian field hockey brand. They produce great shin guards, that have an ergonomic design and are comfortable to to wear. When it comes to cleaning them there are no problems because the liner is removable and washable. It is easy to fit them, they provide a great protection because it has TPU shield. These comes in small, medium, and large sizes.


4. Grays G600 Protectors

Buy Grays G600 on Amazon!

Players from the world in the United States, Australia, India, or Australia love these Grays pieces. Just like the some other pieces of this review, the G600 pads are foam-lined to give you a super comfortable fit. Our favorite part about these Grays pads is they are anatomically shaped to mold to your ankle and shin perfectly. The hard plastic outer shell is definitely going to keep you safe and protected from nasty slashes. This protective piece perfectly cup around your leg, so there are no straps. All sizes are available for these protective pieces, including XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

5. STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards

Buy the STX Hinder Field Hockey Shin Guards on Amazon!

These are the newest forms of STX shin guards which are specially designed to mold to your legs and ankles while wearing them. Protecting your shins, ankles, and calves is the hard plastic outer shell made of top notch plastic. The inner liner is composed of a soft liner padding to allow for minor adjustments to fit better. These are the newest and one of the most highly rated item due to its durability through multiple seasons!


6. TK Total 2.1 Field Hockey Shinguards

Buy the TK Total 2.1 Field Hockey Shinguards on Amazon!

Let’s not forget about TK protective guards, this is their brand new version of the shinguards. Just like the CranBarry and Harrow field hockey shin guards, the TK pads have a hard plastic outer shell to ensure you’re sufficiently protected. An added bonus on these shin pads are vents on the sides to allow proper breathing and air flow to your legs so you won’t overheat during the game! The straps are easy to use and fit well! There are different sizes of the shinguards: S (10.5″), M (11.5″), or L (12.5″).

7. Byte MX Junior Field Hockey

Buy Byte MX Junior Field Hockey Shinguards on Amazon!

If you were looking for a perfect looking and high quality protective field hockey shinguards for you child, you find one. Shin guards have a soft inner lining and hard outer shell and it is very easy to clean them. The ankle protection system that the shin guards have, is nothing you can find in other products and is unique.

This model of the shin guards are made specifically for the kids, however Byte offers different models suited for adults. For example, Byte ZX Shinguards.

8. STX Reversible Pads

Buy STX Reversible Shin Shield on Amazon!

If you’re looking the best STX shin guards, these are definitely up there. The STX Contour has a patented design to allow reversible ways to wear these bad boys. So once you buy your team colors, you now have a home and away color options! The ergonomic shape quickly fits and forms onto your leg, making an super comfortable fit. The open holes creates awesome circulation so you won’t sweat too much. Very lightweight fabric wicks away sweat too! Currently only available in youth size!

9.Franklin Sports SG 175: Street Hockey Shin Guards

Buy the Franklin Sports Hockey Shin Guards!

A perfect choice if you are looking for the shin guards for your kid. These shin guards are licensed by the NHL, so you can be sure that they are of high quality. The high-impact plastic will definitely protect the shins in case of a hit. The product has a full-flex shin/knee cap design, so not only the shins, but also knees of your child will be protected. Even though Franklin Sports SG 175 shin guards are made out of plastic, they have the the air-flow vented design, so it is comfortable to use them during the whole game and sweat won’t be an issue. You can choose from small, medium, and 9-inch sizes. The guards has two elastic straps on the upper and lower calf area.


10. Harrow Protectharrow-protec-field-hockey-shin-guards-girls

Buy Harrow Protect on Amazon

Both your left and legs are going to love these Harrow protectors. The Protect series features a super hard and durable plastic exterior to withstand nasty stick checks and hard shots. Although strong and protective, the shell is super lightweight and won’t weigh you down during practice game-time. The interior features an awesome moldable foam padding for superb comfort and maneuverability.

11. CranBarry Shin Guards for Adults!

Buy Cranbarry on Amazon!

Designed specifically for those junior and youth players, the CranBarry guard are perfect for toddlers or kids. Just like with the elite ones, these youth version pieces for kids possess a hard plastic exterior. The heavy foam construction provides soft comfort on the inside to fit your leg nicely. As an added bonus it comes with protective ankle caps to save you from those low stick checks. The last, but not least, benefit is these don’t require replacement socks.

Field Hockey Shin Guard Socks, Rash Guards, and Accessories

Don’t forget these essential accessories like shin guard socks and rash guards. After scooping these up, you’ll have crossed everything off your equipment list in the leg department!

STX Field Hockey Shin Guard Sleeve

Buy the STX Field Hockey Shin Guard Sleeve on Amazon!

In official games you should wear socks over your shin guards. Rocking these socks keeps your protective pieces in place while moving around. The sleeves are from a known field hockey equipment company – STX. This guarantees that the sleeves are high quality and are perfectly suited for playing the game.

You can look stylish by fitting the color to your uniform and choose from maroon, red, orange, and pink colors. When it comes to the quality, sleeves are made from a breathable and lightweight fabric. And the good thing about them that these are one size. So you won’t have to worry if it fits you or not. If you were looking for a socks that will keep the shin guards in place during the active play, you found it!


CranBarry Rash GuardsCranBarry Field Hockey Rash Guards

Buy the CranBarry Rash Guards!

When running around in practice or games, you’ll notice your guard can get itchy or rashy depending on which piece you have. Well these rash guards are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while wearing your protective pieces. They are super lightweight, breathable, and made of sweat-wicking compression sleeves. No more irritation or rashes from your sweat and dirt. These are one size fits all. Scoop them up today from Amazon!


Foot-Sleeves-Pair-Fasciitis-CompressionFoot Sleeves Athletic Compression Socks

Check Out These Foot Sleeves on Amazon!

Many players prefer to wear some form of socks underneath their guards. These compression socks are perfect for you. The graduated compression ensure maximum blood flow. This leads to faster muscle recovery and relieves discomfort. If you face plantar-fasciitis or other related injuries, these are just what you need for arch support. The sweat-wicking material makes it super easy to clean and throw right into the washer!

Gryphon Field Hockey Shinguard Sock

Buy the Gryphon Field Hockey Shinguard Sock on Amazon!

Shinguard socks is a must have if you are a frequent player of a field hockey. While most of the shin guards, and definitely all of the covered in this article, has soft lining, using shinguards socks is beneficial. Not only it adds more comfort, but it helps to keep the shin guards in place. You can choose from various colors, so it makes a perfect fit for your uniform. You should not worry about the size as one size fits all.


Selecting the right shin guards is crucial for safety and comfort in field hockey. Consider factors like brand reputation, material quality, fit, and comfort. With this guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed choice and find the best shin guards for your needs in 2024.