Best Field Hockey Shoes for Women 2022

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

Good field hockey shoes are probably the most important piece of equipment below the waist, whether you are a professional or amateur field hockey player. It is very important that you pick the best shoes you can find if you want to avoid ending up with blisters or soreness.

Sometimes it is hard to match your feet and field hockey shoes. But it’s important that you find the ones that will give you enough cushioning and stability and match your playing style. The field hockey shoes can make a huge difference between a good and bad game experience.

We made a little buying guide and reviewed some of the best field hockey shoes for women to help you choose the most fitting for your style and needs.

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What is the difference between field hockey turf shoes and cleats?

Most of the amateur players and beginners need to know the difference between hockey turf shoes and hockey cleats. Essentially, the field hockey shoes are made for playing indoors and on turf. They don’t have metal spikes on them and they use the rubber grip to provide you with stability on the field.

Cleats, on the other hand, are for outdoor field hockey which is played on the grass field. They feature metal or plastic spikes that can dig into the field and give you required grip and stability.

You can also use soccer or lacrosse cleats or shoes to play field hockey if you like those more. Many players find these more fitting to their style of playing. But keep in mind that newer models of hockey shoes and cleats have stronger and harder tops to protect your foot from the hockey stick. Soccer shoes do not have this feature.

So, if you decide to go with the proper field hockey shoes or cleats, make sure that you use top brands such as Adidas, Asics, Dita or Nike. These are the brands that pros use.

When it comes to durability and lifespan of the shoes, most of the top brand’s models will serve you for a fairly long time. The best time to retire your old shoes is when they lose the cushioning and start to feel uncomfortable.

Are there stylish models?

Well, it depends on what do you consider stylish. Most of the models have sports look but they do have some elegance in them. The majority of models come in many different colors and if it’s important for you and your team that the shoes match the rest of your gear, you can choose the color accordingly.

Top 5 Best Field Hockey Shoes for Women 2022

ASICS Women’s Gel Lethal MP6 Field Hockey Shoeasics women lethal shoes

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Asics is one of the top brands today and their shoes are most definitely one of the best you can find. This particular model stands for extremely durable and very protective field hockey shoe for women.

The shoes are made of the strongest and the best materials that can be found. To provide you with the maximum comfort and good support during the practice and games both indoor and outdoor, the mid-sole region is designed with very balanced mid-foot Trusstic System.

The dual action blend of high-quality synthetic leather and mesh offers you a superior support and makes the shoes very breathable and extremely durable rubber sole will make sure that u use these shoes for a long time.

The heal measures about 1.75’’ and the insole is removable.


Get the Speedlax III Lacrosse Cleats!

This pair of very affordable shoes comes from the one of the top brands – NIKE. As you can determine from the name of the model, these are made for the great speed and acceleration but also control, balance and incredible traction.

The shoes are made of light materials allowing you to move around on the field with ease. The upper is made of high-quality synthetic leather in combination with mesh which allows your feet to breathe.

The molded outsole gives you great traction and the sidewall shovel cleats provide you with a great control and speed for edge movements. The shoes are very comfortable and supportive and you will have no problems during the longer practice in these.

ASICS Women’s GEL-V Cut Field ShoeASICS Women’s GEL-V Cut Field Shoe

Get The ASICS GEL-V Cut Field Shoe!

This is yet another great model that comes from the top brand ASICS. They are great as indoor cleats, and both turf and harder ground. They are made with a raised heel for ultimate comfort and they feature added mesh and very durable upper.

The GEL cushioning system is there to provide you with great shock attenuation during the impact phase. The material of the midsole is much lighter than on the other models providing you with better cushioning and greater durability.

The PGuard is there for the protection of your toes and to ensure the durability and rubber sole gives you incredible traction and stability on the field. The shoes are extremely comfortable and they will serve you for a long time.

ADIDAS Performance Women’s F5 TRX Firm-Ground W Soccer CleatADIDAS Performance Women’s F5 TRX Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat

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If you are one of those who prefers soccer turf shoes over the field hockey shoes, then the Adidas F5 TRX cleats are one great pair of shoes for you. This model will provide you with all the agility and flexibility required for the field hockey turf shoes to have.

The heel on these shoes features Speedfoil to ensure maximum comfort. They are great for almost all surfaces and fields. The shoes are made of a blend of leather, synthetic leather, and textile making them very breathable.

The rubber sole gives you a fantastic grip and it’s great for fast maneuvers in any direction.

These soccer cleats are definitely very close to field hockey turf shoes and they will fit your needs as a field hockey player. The only downside is the lack of upper foot protection.

UNDER ARMOUR Women’s UA Blur MC Hockey/Lacrosse CleatUNDER ARMOUR Women’s UA Blur MC Hockey/Lacrosse Cleat

Buy The UA Womens Blur Lacrosse Cleat!

Lacrosse cleats require almost the same qualities as the field hockey cleats. Because of that, these cleats should do just fine. This model is made for both lacrosse and field hockey and they are an excellent choice if you are on the budget.

You will get hockey cleats that are durable and light as well as protective for a great price. The perfect design of the of the synthetic upper will provide you with a great support and structure.

The shoes are very light which gives you better speed and performance. They also feature a die-cut 4D foam footbed making sure that your feet stay locked-in. Additionally, the footbed has the anty-bacterial capability .

To ensure the good grip and stability there is a bladed heel and the conical studs for greater traction.


We hope that you found our text and reviews helpful and that we saved you some time in the search for the best field hockey shoes that will fit all your needs and style. It is very obvious that ASICS is the leading brand in this field and there is a very good reason for that. This is due to their consistency in high quality and very well developed technology.