The Best Field Hockey Gloves Buying Guide

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Comparison Table

Name of ItemProtectionSizeMaterialsBest Position ForBest ForAdditional FeaturesPrice
Grays Skinful Hands, Fingers, KnucklesXXS, XS, S, M, LLycraDefensemenOutdoorLightweight full finger gloves with textured grip pattern on the palm, Great gear for keeping hands warm$
GRAYS Exo Natural Left Hand onlyS, MLycra, Molded plastic inner shell with foam liningCenter, Defensemen, WingsIndoor, OutdoorFull slim fitting lycra glove with flexible palm grip in all weather conditions, Velcro fastener$
Harrow Hand ProtectorLeft Hand, Knuckles, JointsS, M, LHigh Density foamCenter, Defensemen, WingsIndoor, OutdoorReinforced thumb hole, Vented palm$$
Grays G500 Gel Hands, Fingers, KnucklesXS, S, MSoft thermal NeopreneCenter, Defensemen, WingsIndoor, OutdoorImpact absorbing gel layer for protection, Full finger gloves with textured grip pattern on the palm$$
TK T1 Hand ProtectorHands, Fingers, KnucklesOne SizeIsoBLOX diffuses impact on contactGoalieIndoor, OutdoorColors: black/red, blue/red$$$
OBO ROBO Hi Control Right Hand Protector Hands, Fingers, KnucklesOne SizeClosed cell hi-control foamGoalieIndoor, Outdoor, national or senior levelBuilt smaller for stability of the hand and increased ball control$$$

The piece of equipment that is oftentimes the most overlooked by new and younger players when preparing for the upcoming season are field hockey gloves. Unless you’re a goalie, gloves aren’t mandatory, but are highly recommended by us due to safety reasons and other injuries we have sustained in the past.

Here’s the Truth:

The longer you play in this sport, the harder it becomes to find someone who hasn’t broken a finger or two. Wearing these pieces could keep you in the game longer than your competition by preventing avoidable injuries!

What to Look For in Your Glove

Just like all other field hockey equipment, the type of gloves a player wants depends entirely on their individual needs as an athlete. Some players simply want gloves to keep their hands warmer during cold night games in late fall, and therefore look for a lower-profile glove with less padding than a player looking for pieces that offer more protection. Typically, defensive players will wear these pieces with thicker padding for protection during defensive corners, or other situations where play is intense and you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not you have the right protection to go in for that next jab.

For indoor playing sessions, players typically wear a glove on both hands for maximum protection. The trend for outdoor players is a little different, where the majority of players will usually wear just one piece on their left hand because the left hand is usually the closest to the ground and tends to get hit more by either a ball or stick. However, it’s not uncommon for outdoor players to wear a glove on both hands and indoor players to swap around their protective pieces. These pieces aren’t legally required equipment, so players can choose whatever feels most comfortable for them!

Do I Really Need These Protection Pieces?

Since the national league does not mention that they are required to be worn by players, no, you don’t HAVE to wear these protective pieces. However, wearing these around your hands can seriously reduce the possibility of injury and make you less afraid to go all out for that next ball, giving you another edge over your opponents! Goalies must wear gloves, which makes picking out the right pair that much more important.

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List of the The Best Field Hockey Gloves

We have picked out the best gloves for the best price for players looking to take their game to the next level while still keeping safe in 2018!

Price: $15-40
Sizing: extra small, small, medium, large
Protection: hands and fingers

1. Grays Skinful GloveGrays Skinful Field Hockey Gloves

Buy Grays Skinful Protection Piece!

These lightweight pieces are perfect for outdoor players looking to keep their hands warm and loose on chilly nights while still maintaining a tight grip on your stick. Perfect for more than just cold weather as well, the full finger gloves have a textured grip pattern on the palms so wet weather conditions don’t have to mean less control over your stick. A cushioned band across the back of the hands will protect your knuckles from flying balls and sticks, while not restricting range of motion.

Grays Exo Field Hockey Glove

2. Grays Exo One-Handed

Get the Grays Exo Today!

If you are looking for a one handed protective piece for your left hand, then the Grays Evo is a good all around fit for you. The Velcro rear hand fastening lets you easily take it on and off during time outs. You can use this Grays piece for both indoor and outdoor play. The flexibility of use and color is great for players of all levels.


3. Harrow – Left Handed PieceHarrow Field Hockey Glove - Left Handed

Buy The Harrow Hockey Left Handed Piece!

This highly padded protection piece from Harrow is sold only as a single left handed, which makes it ideal for a player who is looking to avoid paying for a pieces to use on both hands. The back of the hand is covered by a high density foam, focused on protecting vulnerable areas of the hand like knuckles and joints. This Harrow left handed piece  doesn’t have full finger coverage, but has reinforcements around the thumb hole to reduce the wear and tear that comes with high-intensity play. The palm of this glove is also ventilated, which makes it a perfect all-weather glove, even in the summer.

Grays G500 Gel Field Hockey Gloves

4. Grays G500 Gel Pair

Check Out Grays G500 Pair!

These high standard Grays pieces, which are sold as a pair, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play! With more padding than the Grays Skinful pieces but less than the Harrow glove, the absorbing gel layer on the back of the hand provides just the right amount of protection without being bulky. These full finger protection pieces also have a textured grip on the palm to help maintain grip on your stick in less than ideal conditions, and are made from a soft thermal neoprene for comfort and warmth in cold weather.

The Best Protection for Goalies

For goalies, hand protection is more than a luxury, it’s a necessity and we are here to help you find the best and most effective protection!

Price: $180-230
Sizing: one size fits all
Protection: hands/fingers, wrists, lower forearm


1. TK Synergy 1 Hand Protector

Buy The TK Synergy 1 Hand Protector!

TK’s equipment is top of the line for goalkeeper protection, and the Synergy 1 Hand Protectors are no exception. With this equipment, TK utilizes their own protection system technology called isoBLOX to achieve the maximum level of protection without any added bulk. Its design is based around diffusing impact of incoming balls to not only protect yourself, but also to prevent any pain or discomfort from taking your focus away from the game.


2. OBO ROBO Hi Control Hand ProtectorOBO ROBO Hi Control Hand Protector

Buy the OBO Hi Control Hand Protector!

OBO created this hand protection system around two concepts: comfort and ease of use. Each goalie glove is built for increased stability of the hand inside the glove, which translates into increased ball control when blocking and deflecting incoming shots. Each piece is shaped to help goalies direct the ball downwards, and the square edges help to deflect balls with more intent. Each kit of gloves comes with a strap to keep the hand protector secure without inhibiting movement.