Adidas X24 Compo 1 Field Hockey Stick Review

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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Field Hockey

adidas-x24-compo-stick-2015The Adidas X24 Compo 1 is one of the most exciting adidas field hockey sticks currently available in the hockey market. The X24 hockey is one of many of the carbon fiber sticks from Adidas Compo 1, 3, 5 and 7 line. stick provides the ability to bring your flair to the pitch, as well as boosting your general hockey game. This kind of performance is expected from the market leader for Adidas hockey sticks, and this stick does not disappoint. The stick is a must for any forward who is looking to embarrass their opposite number, or be top scorer in the league!

The Adidas X24 Compo 1 looks how it plays. It has the cool dark green and turquoise colour combo which provides a great backdrop for the world renowned 3 stripe Adidas logo. This stick looks like it belongs on a hockey pitch, and gives it a look of sophistication and class.

The grip that comes with the Adidas X24 Compo 1 is one that is generic to Adidas sticks. This grip surprised us when we first used this stick. It is very thin, which is also worrying when it comes to shock absorption when hitting the ball. However when hitting without any added grip, there is very rarely any vibrations through this Adidas field hockey stick, unless it is a very cold day.

Adidas X24 Compo 1 Performance

specs-for-adidas-x24-compo-stickThe Adidas X24 Compo 1 provides a great level of power, without undermining its touch and dribbling ability which sometimes occurs with a higher level stick. The stick is 70% carbon, 25% fibre and 5% other materials. This mix helps create a light stick with good power and balance point.

Dribbling is what puts the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick on the top of the market. Dribbling with this stick is effortless, elegant and great for any player. 3-D skills are where this stick comes into its element, with a slightly angled head, it requires very little effort to get the ball up in the air. Ground dribbling is exceptional, with the contact patch on the slightly hooked head making controlling the ball very easy. The touch on the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick takes some getting used to. It is a fine line between a soft touch and stiff touch, this is most likely due to it being a 70% carbon stick, not too high to have to really soften your hands when controlling the ball.

The Adidas X24 Compo 1 is Perfect for Forwards

What makes the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick perfect for an attacker is its combination of power and weight. Despite it being a 70% carbon stick, it is not always necessary to have a 90% stick in order to have a powerful stick. The Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick is reinforced by the dual carbon rod, giving more direct power in the shooting impact zones in the stick, where the power is needed. This is caused by the centralization of the carbon content in the impact areas. When in the D it was very easy to direct the shot anywhere in the goal, along the floor and in the air-with the necessary power to beat the goalkeeper.

However, unlike many sticks the Adidas X24 Compo stick has very little vibrations when hitting the ball, however with this stick there is little to no vibration, meaning no sore hands on those cold winter mornings. This is caused by the fabric inside the dual rods in the stick, preventing any excess vibration to travel up the stick. Flicking with this stick is what I found was its best shooting features. We used the light version and it was its weightlessness that enabled us to get some great speed on our flicks. However, when flicking it was quite difficult to direct your drag flicks, especially along the ground. Despite this I still believe it is the best feature of the Adidas X24 hockey stick, utilizing the skills of the modern day forward.

Passing with the Adidas X24 Compo 1

Passing with the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick was good, but not the greatest feature of this stick. It provides great hitting power, which in turn produces great speed in the slap pass. This is also benefited by the reduced weight of the stick. Flick as mentioned earlier is perfect, however sometimes it does not provide the best base for an aerial, with it sometimes not getting the greatest lift or distance. But as with many aspects of the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick mentioned it also depends on the technique and skill level of the performer.

Overall the Adidas X24 Compo 1 stick is brilliant; it provides a great balance of power and weightlessness to create a stick perfect for the modern day forward. It’s crisp and sophisticated, allowing any forward to look sharp with their equipment as well as with their skills. This stick would be perfect for any level forward looking to get the most out of their hockey stick on the pitch.